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It turns out that many BTSHers do a lot more each week than just chase an orange ball, get all sweaty, drink 10 PBRs, and argue with the refs. Some of them are even doing really cool, creative things. (Not me, but, some of them.)

One such example happened to occur on my beat, so I was lucky enough that my BTSH press pass granted me access to a very exclusive meeting this past week.

Ours is a story of two Mikes. And many, many…….mics.

And guitars. And drums. And screaming Marshall stacks.

The aforementioned Mikes are the pride and joy of Gut Rot, Gilligan, and WTP’s favorite son, Dudolevitch. As you may have already guessed, this is a tale of their rock ‘n roll lives.

Gilligan has not let his family life get the way of him regularly waking up on a park bench, his ears ringing from last night’s show, vomit stains down the front of his shirt, swearing that he’ll never drink or rock so hard again. (We’ll fact check this later.)

Dudolevitch, on the other hand, is an incredibly straight-laced guy who shows up early every day to his job at the bank, sporting a suit and tie with briefcase in hand. How he ended up playing in The Nuclears is anybody’s guess. (This also may be slightly inaccurate.)

You know what, I was going to write this whole long-winded thing, but then I figured since this was my one chance to get an exclusive interview with these two, we should hear it all from the horses’ mouths. So I did just that.

Before we get to the interview though, the big news is that Dudolevitch’s band The Nuclears (http://thenuclears.nyc/) recently signed a deal with Gilligan’s label Fake Chapter Records (http://fakechapter.com/ ). The full record (entitled Barrage Rock) is being released on 4/26 and you can pre-order it here: https://thenuclears.bandcamp.com/album/barrage-rock

However, the first single, “Lightspeed Getaway”, is being released TODAY! You can download it here: https://thenuclears.bandcamp.com/track/lightspeed-getaway-2

Also check out the video for “Lightspeed Getaway” here: https://youtu.be/WZcGftHr5Xg

Ok, here we go with the interview…

So, I believe you first met each other at BTSH? Do you remember when or how? Also, when did each of you join the league? (Being the BTSH nerd that I am, I like to always find out people’s BTSH origin stories.)

Gilligan: Don’t remember the when, but the how we met is simple – Ellery. I was recruited by Fresh Kills a hundred years ago, then Len made me stay in the league for the first ever season of Gut Rot.

Dudolevitch: I’m pretty sure Ellery loudly introduced us while he was supposed to be reffing a game because he noticed my Capitals birthmarks on my shoulders. I joined BTSH by meeting Trevor Tyrell at Mulholland’s- he was watching a Caps-Rangers game there with a group of other Dark Rainbows all wearing Rangers jerseys, and he was the only one in a Caps one so he ditched them and starting hanging with our crew. Later on he asked if I play at all and if I wanted on their team. (Editor’s note: RIP Mulholland’s : (

How long have you each been involved in music? What has the arc of your life in music looked like?

Gilligan: I started my label in 1996. This is release number 56. My arc has been poor, a little bit of money, poor again.

Dudolevitch: I picked up a guitar when I was about 13. The Nuclears were my high school band with my brother Brian and Bobby from when we were just learning our instruments- we’ve almost done it. So that’s been going for half of my time on Earth. My creative energy goes into the Nukes, but I’ve hired out to play guitar for plenty of original and covers projects to keep the schedule full.

How did you come to join forces for releasing this new record?

Gilligan: Watching the Caps win the Cup you agree to some crazy shit.

Dudolevitch: Our previous label said they couldn’t commit to a vinyl pressing at the time when we were getting finished masters, but they gave us the thumbs up to shop it elsewhere. So I ring up Mike Gilligan and he bids me come ’round Fake Chapter HQ. I walk into the lobby and there’s this right proper bird at the reception desk, she says “he’s busy right now but will be with you as soon as possible”. So I’m waiting for about 2 hours before he comes out of his office, and he’s laughing and slapping Elvis Costello on the back. He motions me in his office and has me take a seat. Fuckin’ gold records on the wall everywhere mate. He’s pacing slowly around his office just chomping a great big cigar not sayin’ a bloody word. Finally I go to open my mouth and he’s like “you got yourself a nice little record there. But I’m not putting it out ya see…” and I go to get up out of my chair. He looks annoyed and motions me back down. “….without a rock ‘n’ roll anthem tribute to Peter Bondra to close the album”. And he shakes my hand, and I call David [Pattillo] our producer/engineer and I say, “hey mate best fire up the tape machines, we got a long nite ahead.” And the rest is history. (Editor’s note: This is exactly how I pictured it.)

What type of sound can we expect on this new release?

Gilligan: I can tell you this. The record is so HOT when you put it in your vinyl shelf it’s gonna melt through all those hipster records you bought at urban outfitters.

Dudolevitch: This is an album of bangers primarily that reflects how we sound live. During the process we added coveted free agent Briana Layon to our existing lineup, and she leaves her mark and takes some leads, sings some nice backup harmonies. Also like any record worth a damn we end side 1 with a sample from NHL 94. (Editor’s note: Yesssssssss.)

Who are your favorite BTSHers and why? (I am not fishing.)

Gilligan: To be honest it’s the women of Gut Rot. All of them are fearless tough hockey players, and go into the corners when I don’t feel like it. Them or Mike Myers. (Editor’s note: Unicorns reference!)

Dudolevitch: Mia from the Sky Fighters set a high bar when she got me into an exclusive Judas Priest interview/signing at SiriusXM. (Editor’s note: What?! I’m jelly.)

If you could spend an afternoon with one musician (alive or dead) who would it be?

Gilligan: I always answer the dinner with a famous person question with Jesus Christ. I assume he could shred, so still applies.

Dudolevitch: Phil Collins so he can answer for his sins.

Other than your own, what is your favorite BTSH team and why?

Gilligan: Since Derek and Eli broke up Math has been fun to watch but frankly Sam Norris moving to Ohio has broken my heart. So I’ll say Fuzz because we beat them that one time and Rich has to live with that the rest of his home owner life. (Editor’s note: I can attest that Rich is definitely still mad about it.)

Dudolevitch: Gut Rot. They’ve been so chill about their beloved goalie Ed switching over to WTP to fill our vacancy in net. Lesser teams would’ve been salty about it. (Editor’s note: More on this in the Media’s upcoming divisional previews. I may have just let Dudolevitch bury the lede on those.)

What are you currently listening to? Drop some names on us.

Gilligan: Moana, Coco, and little Bubble Gubbies (I have kids).

Dudolevitch: My friend Ali Awan from Philly is putting out some great stuff right now. Giuda is a great band from Italy everyone oughtta get hip to. I know Art from the Butchers and his band Comrad are working on a recording right now that I’m excited to hear. (Editor’s note: Check out Comrad here! https://soundcloud.com/comrad-3 )

Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich? (Wait, how did this get in here.)

Gilligan: I think any adult that still chooses hot dogs over hamburgers is mentally ill.

Dudolevitch: Nuclears drummer Kevin Blatchford is the supreme authority on hot dogs, as it makes up 70% of his diet. You can ask him at our release party on Apr. 26 at Coney Island Baby (formerly HiFi Bar- it’s NOT in Coney Island, FYI)
(Editor’s note: Who all is coming with me to this show?? Additional editor’s note: Neither of you really answered my question…ahem.)

Final question: If you had to create a reality show about 2 BTSHers as roommates, which two would you want to watch together? (Ellery and Cronauer is not an acceptable answer – that’s too easy.)

Gilligan: Although Akhil and Becca are the perfect odd couple, I would probably tune out after an episode. I would say Chadwick and Coach but on the condition that they live in one of those tiny houses.

Dudolevitch: Ok- is Amy Jones and Cronauer any less obvious? Maybe they both get arrested at a protest/counter-protest for ‘disturbing the peace’, and the judge orders them to be roommates? We could call it “Left Over Right” or something. About political persuasions but also just the best way to get through each day- one step at a time. Okay I’m not married to the name. Scotty from Lbs. is their wacky neighbor, that I am insistent on. (Editor’s note: This is ingenious. We are sitting on a million dollar idea here.)

Well, there you have it folks. I wanna thank Gilligan and Dudolevitch for the personal invite to the official signing, and for their stellar answers to my silly questions. Grab the single today, the album via presale, and let’s all go to the record release party the night of 4/26!

Check out other Fake Chapter releases here: http://www.fakechapter.com/catalog/

and The Nukes’ other releases here: http://www.thenuclears.nyc/#content-box-2

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