Colors: royal blue and white (primary), baby blue (alternate)
Year Founded: 2010
The Mighty Squirrels 2005-2009
BTSH Championship Wins: None

2018 Stats

GoalsNamePosSexNicknameWins (Incl. OT/SO)Goals AgainstGames StartedNotes
7Brian S.MBSA
6Mike Pe.M
4Jon C.M
4Mike M.M
4Mike Pa.M
3Jerome R.FMHornswoggle / JVRSO Winner 9/16
2Connor M.
2Jo-Ann P.F
2Kevin M.M
2Nic H.MNot including 6/10 goal in incomplete game
2Nicolette H.FNicorette
2Patrick S.M
1Andrew P.M
1Hilary S.F
AJ F.GNot RJ!333
RJ F.GNot AJ!71511Shutouts: 1; stats include 4/15-4/29 split game, although the second half was played by AJ (CK already had the lead)

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