First Place Tastes Sweet


#1 Denim Demons (14-2-2-3) vs. Mega Touch/Mathematics/Mexican Standoff
Location: Tompkins East, 1:00 PM
All-Time Series: Denim Demons lead Mega Touch 9-3, Denim Demons lead Mathematics 3-2, Denim Demons lead Mexican Standoff 7-0-1
2009 Result: Week 16 – Denim Demons 5, Mega Touch 0; Week 9 – Denim Demons 7, Mathematics 0; Week 4 – Denim Demons 4, Mexican Standoff 3
Game Notes: In addition to finishing first overall in the league standings, the Denim Demons also boast the league’s stingiest defense.  The team allowed just 37 goals in 21 games and also led the league with six shutouts (five by Aaron “Coach” Pagdon).  Although the Demons’ offense only ranked seventh in BTSH, the team still had an uncanny knack for late game heroics.  Perhaps the Demons’ defining moment came in week 14 against their bitter rival the Rehabs, when (aided by Rubens Rock) they scored twice in the final two minutes to force overtime and eventually win in a shootout.
Watchability: 2 Dandeneaux.  The regular season champ has never lost in the opening round.

Oh My God!  Ant’s Ripped!

What The Puck

#2 What The Puck (16-5) vs. Mighty Squirrels/Mega Touch/Mathematics
Location: Tompkins West, 1:00 PM
All-Time Series: What The Puck leads Mighty Squirrels 5-0, What The Puck leads Mega Touch 11-2, What The Puck leads Mathematics 5-1
2009 Result: Week 6 – What The Puck 7, Mighty Squirrels 0; Week 15 – What The Puck 10, Mega Touch 2; Week 1 – What The Puck 10, Mathematics 0 and Week 22 – What The Puck 5, Mathematics 1
Game Notes: Not surprisingly, What The Puck features the league’s top offense with 102 goals on the season.  Thanks, in part, to slew of offseason moves, the team finished with seven double-digit goal scorers, three more than the next highest team.  While top acquisition Adriano “Muscles Marinara” Bratta led the team with 20 goals, team stalwarts Darrell “Accurate Bob” Hartman and Tom MacDonald had the next highest totals with 16 and 14, respectively.  What The Puck’s one weakness, if any, has been its struggles with attendance throughout the season.  If Captain Larry can motivate the troops to show up early and often, the Orange Juggernaut will be dangerous throughout the playoffs.
Watchability: 2 Farleys.  None of the potential matchups looks close on paper.

Not Pictured: Paul Stanley And Peter Criss

LBS, Inc. vs. Cobra Kai

#3 LBS, Inc. (15-4-0-1) vs. #14 Cobra Kai (5-13-1-2)
Location: Tompkins West, 12:00 PM
All-Time Series: Tied 2-2
2009 Result: Week 19 – Cobra Kai 2, LBS, Inc. 1 (OT-SO)
Game Notes: LBS, Inc. struts into the playoffs as the third seed and reigning Schloeder Division champion.  Despite a mediocre 3-3 start to the season, the Corporation finished strong with wins in 12 of its final 14 games.  Veteran forward Karsten Pichon dominated on offense this season, as he exploded for 29 goals, seven more than the next closest player in BTSH.  However, despite LBS, Inc.’s supremacy down the stretch, Cobra Kai showed no fear in week 19, when the Dojo upset the Corporation 2-1.  Proving that it cannot be taken lightly, Cobra Kai has also knocked off the Corlears Hookers and Sky Fighters this season.  Newcomer Will Kuhns has been the team’s top threat this season with 14 goals and accounted for all of the Dojo’s scoring against LBS, Inc.
Eli’s Pick: LBS, Inc.  The Corporation made a deep run in last year’s playoffs and gets started on another one here.
Derek’s Pick: LBS, Inc.  It will be tough to beat them twice in the same season, especially now that they’ll be looking for revenge.
Watchability: 3 Pears

The Tuques Prefer Burger King

Corlears Hookers vs. Tuques

#4 Corlears Hookers (14-3-1-2) vs. #13 Tuques (7-13-0-1)
Location: Tompkins East, 2:30 PM
All-Time Series: Corlears Hookers lead 3-0
2009 Result: Week 1 – Corlears Hookers 6, Tuques 1
Game Notes: After losing in the championship game the past two years, the Corlears Hookers are primed to finally win their first elusive BTSH title.  The team once again had a fairly easy run through the regular season, finishing fifth in goals scored and third in goals allowed.  In addition, forward Jason Eitel made a run at the league scoring title, ultimately finishing second with 22 goals.  Team captain Peter “Purple Rain” Putka, already known as one of the league’s premier shutdown defenders, finished second on the team with 12.  Although the Tuques took a step back from last season in terms of wins and losses, captain Dave Ladanyi’s “new superstar initiative” was a smashing success.  Three rookies, Denis Miciletto, Shafiq Perry, and Adam Robertson, accounted for more than half of the team’s total scoring.  However, the veterans still made valuable contributions, as mainstay Bill Monahan is a sweetie.  Tuques hockey.
Eli’s Pick: Corlears Hookers.  Josh Sadlier-Brown and the rest of the Corlears Hookers go to the quarterfinals.
Derek’s Pick: Corlears Hookers.  The Tuques still have a ways to go, but 2010 looks promsing if Dave can keep his team together.
Watchability: 2.5 Harringtons

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7 Responses to Playoff Preview: Opening Round (Part II)

  1. HockeyRich says:

    Normally I boycott when you show a picture of Karsten…and I’m going to let this one slide. But if you show a picture of Adam’s tounge again…I think I’ll not only have to boycott the comment section, but the website and league in general as well. No offense Adam.

  2. derek says:

    Is Karsten even in that picture? I’m not sure I can find him even in the background…

    But yeah, I think we’re done with pictures of Rubens’ tongue.

  3. legendkiller says:

    I blame Eli. The initial shot was supposed to be me reclining on a chaise, being fanned by palm fronds, with Big Sexy feeing me grapes.

    Funny where things go from concept to execution.

  4. HockeyRich says:

    Derek, Karsten isn’t in that picture. We actually drank the night before and he offered me a deal, if the Elves dont give up a hat trick to Adriano, he was going to buy me a beer. But much like I thought, since we didn’t give up a hat trick he decided instead of paying me my beer…he just up and quit the league. True story.

    No, my *potential* boycott is over the picture. I just really really think you could have used a better Demon shot. I’m sure you must have a file photo of Steve in his green track suit or something.

  5. benwick666 says:

    As usual, I have no idea what Rich is talking about. Insert viscous prose here.

  6. HockeyRich says:

    You dont know what I’m talking about because you wussed out and didn’t come to Brooklyn with us. But I have plenty of witnesses that Karsten and Craig owe me a beer.

  7. Hobo says:

    Rich and everyone – here is the REAL picture of Rubens before Eli photoshopped it:

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