Rehabs at Gouging Anklebiters
by Rachel G

Gouging Anklebiters 2017

The Biters FINALLY stopped their skid last week with a timely OT win against Math. Veteran/leader/spirit-animal Phil sank the game winner, restoring hope in their squad. Have they finished celebrating? Caroline drained that magnum of champagne? OK, well sober up kids, this won’t be an easy week. Will the Rehabs have Eric or Hector in net? Does it matter. Alex will keep scoring at will, Joey will dance around you, then offer you delicious Portuguese desserts. Cherie, Sena? Well, you know what they can do, because they play the whole damn game.

Prediction: Rehabs prevail 3-1.

Corlears Hookers at Poutine Machine
by Rachel G

Typically you don’t expect a super exciting game from a D3/D4 match-up, but I’ve got my eye on this one. These two teams have similar records and similar all-out playing style. Poutine sits comfortable atop their division, poised to move up(Jerome, I’m serious about that completely unauthorized swap). Don’t look now, but the Hookers are still in the running to clinch D3 and get back into D2. However, they’ve got some seriously tough competition to knock off. I know, I know…gender bias – but I’m super excited about the girls on both these teams, The Hookers have THREE women in the top 10 goal scoring list. They are going to face some serious competition this week from Jo-Ann and Charlotte.

Also BSA Alert and cue unnecessary Cro comment.

Prediction: we’ve got a feeling that Poutine takes this in OT.

Fresh Kills at Sky Fighters
by Rachel G

Sky Fighters 2017

Ugh Fresh Kills. Enough already! I am BORED of you and all your winning, but also really, really impressed when I watch you play. It’s also impossible to hate this team, they just play a nice clean game – a game that is better than yours. Also Sheena is my Olympic hero. That being said – who scores more goals than Mike T? Nobody. So maybe if the Sky fighters unleash Mike T and hope that James is in town and everybody wears Greg’s face again they will win?  Probably not though.

Prediction: Fresh Kills continues to roll 5-3.

Dark Rainbows at Cobra Kai
by Rachel G

The Rainbows are having a tough season, but they manage to do it with a smile. Overheard in their huddle, always optimistic Tia, “guys, we probably aren’t going to win this one, but lets just go out there and have fun!” and you know what? They do. Cobra Kai also appears to be having fun…having fun with all that winning. Pete even figured out how to score while Will Green complained about the stats being updated quickly enough.

Prediction: with Cat rampaging in Nashville this weekend her Rainbows fall to the evil dojo 5-1.

Fuzz at Butchers
by Isaac

Have you seen this women’s right glove? If so, call 1-888-555-4568.

These two teams could be trading places by seasons’ end with the Butchers ascending to the Soko division and Fuzz dropping to CMB division.  Not too surprising either.  With all the talent both of these teams have only one seems to be harnessing it properly.  BTSH will always be a community based beer league, but hockey has always been a team sport.

Prediction: the Sultan’s stumbles continue and Rachel walks away with not only the W, but also bragging rights 5-4.
(Sultan Edit): We may lose the game, but at least all our players will go home with our gloves.

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