by Arya Stark

Folks, if you can believe it, another BTSH season that feels like it just started is now in the books.  It’s actually maybe not that difficult to believe it seeing as we just gave out the championship and held an end of season party…but yea another long offseason is set to begin, and depending on who you are you may know it as poaching season, cuffing season, winter or the rare three months when I can actually reliably make it in to work on Mondays.  It looks like there’s one last three stars of the weekend to get through and since no one else volunteered to do, it also looks like that I’m doing them.  As always, your complaints will for sure fall on deaf ears.

Third Star
Julie from Mega Touch

2018 Schlitz Cup Champs!

When Cheeky and Brady announced they were departing from Mega it seemed like the 2018 season was going to be a tough one for the 2016 Southeast Division champs.  Instead, buoyed by the acquisition of Rookie of the Year finalist Shelly, they came within one game of winning the division and moving up to D3, finishing just two points behind What The Puck.  They may have lost a tighter than you might think round of 16 match to eventual final four contender Filthier, but Mega regrouped and took down the inaugural Schlitz Cup on Sunday with a victory over the Rainbows.  After the show at the end of season party, she was inducted into the BTSH Hall of Fame by the most important man in her life, Rich Glnzr.  Truly a night to remember for Julie who, reached for comment, just wants the other captains to “stay the hell away from Shelly.” [Continue Reading…]

by Jess D and Multiple Media Team Members

We all know how much you guys like attention (Walker) and winning stuff. So we thought we’d put together a little superlatives list that encompasses the laughs, tears, and ~drama~ over this past season.

Most Likely To Cancel Their Game Due To Chance of Rain: Adam R from Denim Demons

On more than a couple occasions this season the Demons canceled their game due to insignificant Rain Fears.  Even the tiniest drop from the heavens would cause Adam to immediately cancel the game, grab his junk and scamper off to find shelter.  Perhaps we can nickname him ‘Light Sprinkle’. (Come on dude, you knew this was coming.)

Honorable Mention: Poutine Machine

Most likely to chase you into a bathroom stall to sell you a prom ticket: Diana from Ankle Biters

We love you for your commitment to BTSH social events.

Most likely to over explain something that was already clearly explained. Ha: Walker

Ironically this does not need an explanation. [Continue Reading…]

Thank you to everyone that came out Sunday evening to cheer on the award nominees and celebrate the end of the 2018 season.  Here are the winners.

The winners of the 2018 BTSH Awards!

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion – male

Mike T from Fuzz

The plan is simple. Stop this guy.

BTSH Regular Season Scoring Champion – female

Cherie S from Rehabs

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Fuzz defeated Cobra Kai to win their second PBR Cup Championship in franchise history!

2018 PRB Cup Champs!

Mega Touch pulled off the upset against the Dark Rainbows to win the first annual Schlitz Cup!

2018 Schlitz Cup Champs!

Congrats to both teams!