Sky Fighters at Mathematics

Apparently, what the Sky Fighters needed to figure things out was a brunch date with Gut Rot.  They got into a fine rhythm with crisp passing and peppering the net. Side note: to their new embarrassment of riches are the talents of Carlin’s hockey buddy, Sean.  (Actual tears were shed over Karma’s loss)

The last thing Math needs right now is to run into the goal scoring juggernaut of Mia and the Sky Fighters.  They finally found their footing last week, but now we hear that Sam has ventured out to the Northwest to work on his mustache game.  Shawn, Amy and Perras are going to have their hands full with this one.  Good luck Mets. 

Prediction: A competitive, low scoring affair with Dave stealing a W for Math, 3-1. [Continue Reading…]

Oh yes!  Welcome to one of the best times of the year!  The weather is getting warmer, a new BTSH season is underway and the NHL Playoffs kick-off today.  In honor of this magnificent occasion the league brass and a couple misfits decided to huddle up to make predictions on how the first round will play out and who will win Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Here are our predictions.

Who will win the first round match-ups in the Eastern Conference? 

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By Richiehero

Third Star
Cobra Kai

Well played.

While the Demons were putting a scare into Fresh Kills, Cobra Kai and the defending 2018 champs (drunk Phareoux has already decreed) Rehabs went to BTSH war. Thankfully Scotty and Cheeky let them play and didn’t call ticky-tacky penalties or the totally obvious ones either. Liam scored a highlight reel goal to give CK the lead but the Rehabs came right back to tie it. Cherie made pass after brilliant pass while Hustle Loyalty Nebatz crashed anyone with the ball. Eventually Cobra Kai scored the game winning goal kind of late in the 2nd half and held on for victory. Later in October Isaac will call Cobra Kai a Cinderella team but that’s hogwash. They have enough talent to win the PBR Cup and undoubtedly will. Those aren’t my words those are Campbell’s after accepting his 2017 ROY Award at center court after their victory. [Continue Reading…]

Keep on checking them stats pages!

As Mr Becker pointed out, the Katz division was 3-2 against the Soko division on Sunday. HoLEE GuacamoLEE! Upset central.

However, Fourth Division Beat Down Day was in full swing, as all Michaliga division teams fell to their CMB opponents on Sunday.

On to the games that were..


Rainbows 1 @ Hookers 8

Rainbows: Sean R. (1)

Goalie Loss: Jess D (0-1)

Hookers: Cro x2 (3), Danilo x2 (2), Tiff H (1), Sarah (1), Lee (1), CJ (2)

Goalie Win: Dustin O (1-0)

Game Notes: Hookers played with an eligible goalie this week. Good work team! Also, we have like, a whole bag of “NEW” goalie gear behind the old nets in our little fenced in outdoor storage area. Thank you to Cherie for coordinating that and Sam for bringing that from Feasterville. Be sure to put it to use! Great gear. [Continue Reading…]

Since the Rainbows couldn’t’ keep up with the Hookers, they relived their defeat on Brett’s roof then unenthusiastically dined on kale and fruit as punishment.

Math and WTP scored for the first time this season with Math collecting the W.

Sky Fighters got their act together in a hurry against Gut Rot. Take that, universe. [Continue Reading…]