The contents of this page are subject to change to meet the needs of the league. Please email if interested in becoming involved with any of the roles.

BOARD DIRECTOR (3-5 positions):

BTSH has a not-for-profit corporate structure. It is installing a new board of directors to get into legal compliance. We need between 3 and 5 league members to serve on an interim board FOR A TERM OF UP TO ONE YEAR to accomplish the following tasks:


  • bring the corporation into legal compliance
  • adopt interim by-laws
  • elect interim officers
  • file the legally required bi-annual report with the NYS Dept. of State
  • organize the corporation’s financial and corporate documents, and make
    them accessible at an agent’s office
  • hold an annual meeting, as required by law
  • provide for the election of and transition to a regular board of
  • review the original Articles of Incorporation and determine, with the
    advice of an attorney, if it’s advisable to amend them
  • form a By-Laws Committee to create regular by-laws
  • apply to the IRS to change BTSH’s EIN
  • ensure that the league has a bank account
  • complete this work within a year or less

If you would like to serve on the board and help the league complete these tasks, please email your team captain AND the league manager Danielle <>, stating your desire to serve on the board and any relevant experience or qualifications you have. Please do this by 1pm Tuesday April 11. If you need more info on the board, it’s responsibilities, etc., please contact Jennifer Popack <>. Note that it is possible that the board will have purchased Directors and Officers Insurance, to protect the board members from any liability issues.

Referees ($20-$30/game): OPEN POSITIONS

The main goal of our refs to ensure a safe game for all players

  • Learn the BTSH rules and enforce them
  • Work with on duty game coordinator to manage all on-court logistics including: timely start and completion of games, accurately completed score sheet
  • Referee Games (communicate and signal calls to players, discuss issues with Captains, bench players as necessary)
  • Resolve on-court disputes
  • Work the quality of our leagues

Game Day Coordinators ($50/shift): OPEN POSITIONS

The main goal of this position is provide a smooth flow throughout the day for players and referees and provide support to managers

  • Manage on-site logistics
    • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of games to set up equipment with opening team (first shift)
    • Stay after games have ended to ensure equipment is put away with closing team (second shift)
    • Ensure equipment is in good working condition
    • Take inventory (balls, ref needs, first aid, ect.) and report back to league manager
  • Liaise with Captains and teams to ensure teams are ready at game time
  • Liaise with refs to ensure:
    • Game sheets are accurately filled out (score, goalies, discipline issues)
    • Ensure that they have equipment needed to start game (stopwatch, gamesheet)
  • Provide a report to Ref and League manager regarding an issues
  • Submit game sheets via email to ref and league manager (take a photo of each gamesheet and email)