Here is the schedule for Sunday, October 20.  As was decided with Tim, both playoff games will run at the same time, and will start promptly at 3:30.

12:30 PM    East     What The Puck at Filthy Gorgeous
12:30 PM    West    Gremlins at La Famiglia
1:30 PM      East     Rehabs at Gut Rot
1:30 PM      West    Gouging Anklebiters at Tompkins Square Riots
2:30 PM      East     Butchers at Mathematics
2:30 PM      West    Mega Touch at Poutine Machine
3:30 PM      East     #4 Denim Demons at #2 LBS, Inc.
3:30 PM      West    #6 Corlears Hookers at #1 Fresh Kills
4:30 PM      East     Sky Fighters at Dark Rainbows
4:30 PM      West    Cobra Kai at Happy Little Elves (Barnacle Bowl!!!)

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