Hi hockey peeps who love orange plastic balls!

A few of those in BTSH have started a facebook networking group for our ball hockey community, NYC Ball Hockey Business Networking.  The idea is to use this group to help each other out in our professional endeavors and keep the BTSH Facebook page for all the other fun stuff. If you are an entrepreneur, rely on a good network for job, or just want to help one of the above with your amazing network, definitely join the page.

In the future we want to try and host a meetup that revolves around some hockey watching fun with people from various professions while spending a little time talking our businesses too. More details on that to come.

The group name is “NYC Ball hockey business networking”.  Ariel (Fresh Kills), Jenn P (Denim Demons) and Joe P (Gouging Anklebiters) are moderators (they also started the LinkedIn version).  Please reach out and join the group!

Group Description

A lil’ networking group that we can use to help each other out with our businesses or careers while enjoying a little hockey trash talk at the same time. For members of the BTSH, MOFO, and District 5 Ball hockey Leagues.

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