*this week

NO HOCKEY– happy 4th/canada day!

*next week
due to world cup fever (catch it!), we’re pushing games back an hour so people don’t have to, i dunno, choose between becks and btsh.

WEEK 12 – JULY 9, 2006
4pm: Tuques vs. Denim Demons
4pm: Rehabs vs. Dark Rainbows
5pm: Mighty Squirrels vs. LBS
5pm: G. Anklebiters vs. Filthy Gorgeous
6pm: Bad Touch vs. Fresh Kills
6pm: Mathematics vs. Unicorns
4:30pm: Pork Fried Rice vs. Mex. Standoff
5:30pm: Henry Motion vs. What The Puck

*canada day party
SAT. JULY 1, 06 – NYC vs. MONTREAL hockey game (6:30pm) and after game party (9pm)!

all of btsh is invited to the semi-annual NYC/MONTREAL ice hockey game (le calice de tabernac), featuring numerous players from btsh battling their pals from canada at the oh so air conditioned CHELSEA PIERS on SAT. JULY 1, 2006 at 6:30pm. it’s FREE! there is seating in the stands! byob o.k.!

AND everybody is also invited to the after-party at chelsea brewing company at the chelsea piers. more info: bob AT triagemusic DOT com.

from fran filthy:
i found 2 Lefty Sticks at Coliers- Bauer and Sher-wood on sunday 6-18 and am trying to find the owner.
git in touch if they’re yours: fgraziano at hotmail dot com.


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