Class of 2017

Rachel from Butchers

Karsten from LBS, Inc.

Dave GDR from Tompkins Square Riots

Ellery from Mexican Standoff and Gut Rot (BITCHES!!)


Class of 2016

Sven from Poutine Machine

Derek and Eli from Mathematics

Georgine from Butchers


Class of 2015

$h0wT!m3 from Rehabs

Coach from Denim Demons

Craig from Gouging Anklebiters

Hopper from Sky Fighters


Class of 2014

Alex E.M. from Mega Touch

Monica R. from Filthy Gorgeous

Bob W. from Sky Fighters


Class of 2013

Andy P. from Mathematics

Ken the Alpha Male from LBS, Inc.

Stacy K. from Rehabs

SB for Founding BTSH (Thank you!)