black top street hockey started in the summer of 2000, when a young, unathletic lass known as sb, then in the employ of sound and fury (RIP), wondered what she was going to do for fun that summer. not athletic enough to play softball or rollerblade everywhere like a jerk, sb remembered the one thing she enjoyed about her youthful summers at camp: street hockey, a sport that requires very little athletic skill, but a lot of pent up aggression and hatred, which, luckily, she had in spades. assuming that many of the customers of sound and fury were of a similar unathletic/aggressive disposition, sb proposed a summer rollerblade-less street hockey league, and thus BTSH was born.

the inaugural summer ’00 season was 9 weeks long with 7 teams, 70 players, 12 broken sticks, and 1 over-riding theme– the kicking of hockey ass. 2006 was its seventh summer and ninth season (thanks to the fall season that started in ’01), hockey with around 400 members, 16 teams, 2 main leaders (sb and bob w), with many broken sticks and even more broken hearts. we’ve been name-checked in the village voice (twice!) and, at seven years and counting, we’ve been running for as many years as the number of days it took for god to create sunday. coincidence? we think not.

in 2007 the league made yet another leap forward with 18 teams in the league.

as it nears its decade long run the league has been responsible for the formation of numerous ice hockey teams, other regular ball hockey games, tournaments, not to mention job networking, marriages (yes, marriages!) and countless friendships formed.

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