Colors: white (primary), white (alternate)
Year Founded: 
Origin: Originally called “Sword Of God” back in the early days of BTSH, a vote was held on a name change one day at the courts.  Karsten and Ken, having been blackout drunk for much of the previous week, suggested LBS after the famous Jerky Boys sketch, while then-captain Sascha championed “yo mamma.”  Hardly anyone showed up to the game that day and much to her chagrin, LBS won out.   
BTSH Championship Wins: Fall 2003, 2004, 2012
Captains: AFrey (2017-present), Ali Chenitz (2012-2017), Sascha Puritz (2004-2012)

2018 Stats

GoalsNamePosSexNicknameWins (Incl. OT/SO)Goals AgainstGames StartedNotes
19Scotty K.MBlink 182
10Karsten P.FM
5Jake C.MEarl
5Avery E.M
4Jason B.M
4Luke S.MHat trick 4/29
3Jake D.Mqmjhl / jqmhl / rmjzqkl
3Ajay G.M
2Nick R.M
2Michael R.M
2Sasha L.
1Alex F.DMAxel
1Tommy ?.
1Rachel K.F
Sascha P.F
0Ali C.DF
Mike Z.GMSizzler103016Shutouts: 2
31 Mar Cobra Kai W 4-2 EAST
7 Apr Sky Fighters W 2-0 WEST
14 Apr Filthier W 5-2 WEST
28 Apr Corlears Hookers W 2-1 EAST
5 May Rehabs 5:30 pm WEST
19 May Denim Demons 1:00 pm EAST
2 Jun Fuzz 2:00 pm WEST
9 Jun What the Puck 4:30 pm WEST
23 Jun Fresh Kills 1:00 pm EAST
30 Jun Rehabs 1:00 pm WEST
14 Jul Mathematics 2:15 pm EAST
21 Jul Gouging Anklebiters 2:15 pm WEST
28 Jul Tompkins Square Riots 3:30 pm EAST
4 Aug Filthier 1:00 pm EAST
11 Aug Butchers 4:45 pm WEST
18 Aug Fuzz 3:30 pm WEST
8 Sep Poutine Machine 1:00 pm EAST
15 Sep Fresh Kills 1:30 pm WEST