LBS, Inc.

Colors: white (primary), white (alternate)
Year Founded: 
Origin: Originally called “Sword Of God” back in the early days of BTSH, a vote was held on a name change one day at the courts.  Karsten and Ken, having been blackout drunk for much of the previous week, suggested LBS after the famous Jerky Boys sketch, while then-captain Sascha championed “yo mamma.”  Hardly anyone showed up to the game that day and much to her chagrin, LBS won out.   
BTSH Championship Wins: Fall 2003, 2004, 2012
Captains: AFrey (2017-present), Ali Chenitz (2012-2017), Sascha Puritz (2004-2012)

2018 Stats

11Michael Roberts01.19
7Scott Andrew Kaston00.884
6Alex Freylikhman00.45
4Jason Bogdaneris04.03
3Karsten Pichon00.62
3Avery Englander00.432
2Macayla E00.292
2Davis Amyot00.332
1Tori 00.51
1Luke Sellick00.251
1Jessica Hasson01
1Jake Chaplin01
1Florian (FA)01
1Elizabeth Boylan01
1Denis E (FA)01
1Austin FA01
1Amitai 01
1Amitai 01
1Ajay 01
Mike Z112011.54

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