by Sam N

The BTSH Media is bringing you the first 2018 installment of Know Your Neighbor, featuring Jess from the Dark Rainbows.  “What is Know Your Neighbor,” the majority of the new Sky Fighters team asks.  Well, it’s where The Media highlights a player or duo in BTSH who are exceptionally fit for the BTSH spirit.  “What is The Media,” the new Sky Fighters team clamors on.  Well, dear Elly…  “Wait, wait, who is Elly?”  The Media responds, “oh dear lord Elly…

Jess from the Dark Rainbows

Hometown:  Fairfield, Connecticut

College:  Lafayette College. Fun fact: I played D1 field hockey there.

How did you hear about BTSH:  Josh Wags, my fellow Rainbow recruited me! We play on our company’s softball team together.

Favorite NHL team who aren’t the Islanders:  The Rangers. The Islanders are the 2nd rate hockey team of New York (no offense).

Henrik is used to posing with “second-place” fingers…


But he really needs to be holding 6 more fingers up.

Favorite bands: The Strokes, AC/DC, Chance the Rapper, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, The Smiths

Favorite author: Junot Diaz- read his book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao you won’t regret it

What have you heard so far about Ocean City:  Ocean City, Maryland? A guy from my college was from there and he had an inner lip tattoo and lit a bunch of fireworks off in our dorm. So yeah…. [ed. note: Ocean City, MD is one of the best BTSH weekends of the year.  It’s a ball hockey tournament near the beach, this year happening on August 25-26!]

Have you had the misfortune of meeting Rich Glnzr yet:  is it bad I don’t know who that is [ed. note: no, this is a very, very good thing.  Try not to meet him.  You should actually quit the league now while you’re ahead.]

What do you do for a job:  I’m a copywriter at an ad agency. So like madmen but also not at all like madmen.

What are your true aspirations:  to be a CCO (chief creative officer), hike Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, get really good at back country camping, and somehow fulfill my childhood dream of owning a Dalmatian- but from a rescue (adopt don’t shop!)

Almost Ansel Adams quality, until this human ruined the shot…

Bobby Bonilla or Albert Belle:  Bobby Bonilla

What are your favorite bars in the city:  d.b.a., Peculiar Pub, Forgtmenot (THE NACHOS) and The Wayland

Have you seen the TSP hawk yet or is this still BTSH folklore to you:  Okay first of all there’s three: Dora, Nora and Christo and there is soooo much hawk drama. Dora gets hurt a lot and I think the latest gossip is she got into a fight with Nora over Christo and her wing is f*cked up and now she’s in animal rehab for the third time in her young hawk life. At least this is what the dedicated #hawkwatchers tell me. I made friends with one of them her name was Charlene.

If you were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be:  The Royal Tenenbaums

Margo is Jess’s spirit animal minus the incest stuff.

On the record—what teams do you think the Rainbows will beat this year: This seems like you’re trying to instigate rivalries but…I’ll go with Gut Rot because that just sounds unpleasant and Poutine Machine because the concept of eating that is so incredibly disgusting to me (no offense to the team/Canadians).

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