by Richiehero

If you like soccer scores, the Katz Division is the one for you.

Poutine Machine

Every game Poutine has ever played ends 2-1, usually with Jerome doing some weird style kick to start his shootout, even though it does absolutely nothing. He kicks the ball at center court, and if by mistake it goes backwards the ref should blow the whistle. Luckily for Jerome, Zac Hogg is Ref Manager and will probably not teach that. So with all the missed calls and their great D, great goalie and great hustle, I expect Poutine to roll through this division and get a top 3 seed in the league. They also added a D1 woman from Princeton, Sweet Baby James and two of his friends from the Sky Fighters. With their 8 lines they should never be tired. 15-3 with a final total of 31 points.


The steady Gremlins will once again come in 2nd. Nothing ever seems to  change with them. Rod, McAdams, Ryan are like the rest of their guys who don’t weirdly put an h at the end of their name, solid but not spectacular. Courtney is the most underrated girl in BTSH, and Marcella would be next but now everyone knows her and she’s turned into one of the most overrated girls. I kid bc I like. Erich is one of the top 2 players in the division, along with Derek.  I expect them to be 2-3 games over .500, but if they want any chance to win the division, they will need to go 2-0 vs. Poutine. (They prob don’t want to win the division, and they won’t go 2-0 vs. Poutine.)

Instant Karma

Karma will take the 3rd seed. Hopefully their goalie gets sick and they can use Tim K. as often as they want. Derek is a top 10 player in the league and rumor has it, unpoachable. Did Probie even try? Rumor has it Nicole has left for Vermont. The key to their season is siblings. Corey and Brianna are two of their best players, and if Isaac doesn’t act like a dummy (there is your Walker reference for the division), he will add the Tremble sisters full-time. They deserve it.

What The Puck

After winning his own division, Justin M. feels his team can now conquer the Katz Division. I don’t see it. Hogg is a A Twetter, B plus player, C Ref, and apparently, D Ref Manager. TBD is how he is as a GM. I think in next year WTP has a real chance to beat the Gremlins and Butchers for the division, but they aren’t ready yet.

Sky Fighters

‘Sky Fighters are No. 1!’

And last and unfortunately least are the Sky Fighters. Two straight seasons of their best players getting poached. We all knew SBJ was on his way out, but no one could foresee Carlin leaving. I’m hoping the Free Agent Scrimmage provides tons of fun and talented people. The Sky Fighters always play hard and even with Carlin leaving, their girls are still formidable. As I’m writing this I’m actually more hopeful and think maybe if the FAS goes well, they could surprise a few teams.

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