From the deep thoughts of Richie G…

Many of you already know me has the lovable greatest Skee*t*ball player of all time but now I have added the Sultan of BTSH to my resume. (Jenn says the technical title is “Interim League Manager”.)

So I am going to make this real simple. I will likely need volunteers to help with open and/or close every week, and the volunteer will get $25 for doing so. As the season progresses there may be other needs for help and volunteers and I know you’re all heroes in this league and will step up! (No, but seriously, please be a hero and help…)

One of my primary goals to tackle is the confusing rules that people have been asking about. I will work with Sam Norris (Ref Manager) to try to educate not only ourselves and the referees, but make sure the rules are clear to all the players in the league as well. In case you’re not aware, the rules are posted on the site and Sam and I will be creating some videos to talk through some of the more controversial or confusing rules.

There are a few other ideas that I’ll be talking to the Board and Captains about. If you have any topics you’d like me to address, feel free to reach out and let me know! I’m happy to answer any questions.


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