Colors: turquoise (primary/most odd weeks), green (alternate/most even weeks)
Founded: 2015
Record: spotless
Captains: Isaac & Ben
Ancestry: Set It Off (2001-2004), The Tuques of Hazard (2005), The Tuques (2006-2009), La Famiglia (2010-2014)
BTSH Championship Wins: none
Worth Noting: The captains run the website, so be nice if you don’t want to get doxxed.


User Reviews:
“Occasionally underperforms to lull future opponents into a false sense of security.” – Ben C., Brooklyn, NY
“The best-looking team in BTSH. I swear they just get sexier every year.” – Anonymous, Lynbrook, NY
“Incompatible with Windows 10.” – Friz Q., Orkbloyn, NY

2018 Stats

14Derek Zaentz01.1712
5Cory Scory V01.254
4Matt Stabel10.3611
2Sara Lehman00.673
2Elizabeth Tremble00.258
2Brianna V00.673
2Benjamin Chadwick00.229
2Alfred Liu00.1712
1Shaina 00
1Bill King01
1Abigail Rutt01
Steve F942512.72

31 Mar Gremlins L 0-1 EAST
7 Apr Rehabs L 0-4 WEST
14 Apr What the Puck W 3-2 OT EAST
28 Apr Denim Demons W 4-3 OT WEST
19 May Mathematics W 7-2 EAST
2 Jun Gut Rot W 5-3 WEST
9 Jun Filthier L 1-5 WEST
23 Jun Poutine Machine L 0-2 EAST
30 Jun Sky Fighters W 3-1 EAST
14 Jul Tompkins Square Riots W 7-5 WEST
28 Jul Gouging Anklebiters L 1-5 WEST
4 Aug Dark Rainbows W 5-2 WEST
11 Aug Mega Touch W 4-0 WEST
18 Aug Gremlins 4:45 pm EAST
8 Sep Fuzz L 2-3 EAST
15 Sep Poutine Machine 2:30 pm WEST
22 Sep Sky Fighters 1:30 pm EAST
29 Sep What the Puck 2:00 pm EAST