Instant Karma

Colors: turquoise (primary/most odd weeks), green (alternate/most even weeks)
Founded: 2015
Record: spotless
Captains: Isaac & Ben
Ancestry: Set It Off (2001-2004), The Tuques of Hazard (2005), The Tuques (2006-2009), La Famiglia (2010-2014)
BTSH Championship Wins: none
Worth Noting: The captains run the website, so be nice if you don’t want to get doxxed.


User Reviews:
“Occasionally underperforms to lull future opponents into a false sense of security.” – Ben C., Brooklyn, NY
“The best-looking team in BTSH. I swear they just get sexier every year.” – Anonymous, Lynbrook, NY
“Incompatible with Windows 10.” – Friz Q., Orkbloyn, NY

2018 Stats

15Derek Zaentz01.1512
5Matt Stabel10.423
5Cory Scory V01.255
2Sara Lehman00.672
2Elizabeth Tremble00.222
2Brianna V00.672
2Benjamin Chadwick00.22
2Alfred Liu00.151
2Abigail Rutt00.332
1Shaina 01
1Daniel M Creeden01
1Bill King01
Steve F62912.54

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