Hockey Night In Tompkins Schedule

Prior to the 2009 season, teams in BTSH always dreaded seeing a late game time listed on their schedule.  With the rest of the league already at the bars, the last game of the day meant playing on an empty court and taking a lonely walk in the dark from Corlears Hook Park (or Moffo Rink) to Rivington Street.  However, when the league moved to Tompkins, the late game took on a whole new meaning.  With bars in close proximity, league members actually stayed to watch their friends compete, even after sunset, making the day’s final contest a much bigger event than it was in years past.  Combine that with your humble correspondents’ increased focus on the late game matchups in the weekly previews, and the tradition of Hockey Night In Tompkins was born.

Thus, with anticipation building on who will have the privilege to compete on this league-wide stage, here is the Hockey Night In Tompkins schedule for the 2010 season:

All Hockey Night In Tompkins games will begin at 5:30 PM

April 11 Tompkins East Corlears Hookers at LBS, Inc.
April 11 Tompkins West Fresh Kills at Gouging Anklebiters
April 18 Tompkins East Mathematics at Rehabs
April 18 Tompkins West Amy Jones’ New Team at Poutine Machine
April 25 Tompkins East Corlears Hookers at What The Puck
April 25 Tompkins West Sky Fighters at Rehabs
May 2 Tompkins East Mega Touch at Sky Fighters
May 2 Tompkins West Denim Demons at What The Puck
May 16 Tompkins East Mega Touch at Team Jefferson
May 16 Tompkins West Rehabs at Denim Demons
May 23 Tompkins East Poutine Machine at Butchers
May 23 Tompkins West Filthy Gorgeous at LBS, Inc.
June 6 Tompkins East Filthy Gorgeous at Fresh Kills
June 6 Tompkins West Mathematics at Cobra Kai
June 13 Tompkins East Sky Fighters at LBS, Inc.
June 13 Tompkins West Tuques at Gouging Anklebiters
June 20 Tompkins East Team Jefferson at Butchers
June 20 Tompkins West Dark Rainbows at Happy Little Elves
June 27 Tompkins East Amy Jones’ New Team at Mega Touch
June 27 Tompkins West Dark Rainbows at Unicorns
July 18 Tompkins East Tuques at Cobra Kai
July 18 Tompkins West Unicorns at Happy Little Elves
July 25 Tompkins East What The Puck at Gouging Anklebiters
July 25 Tompkins West Fresh Kills at Corlears Hookers
August 1 Tompkins East Denim Demons at Sky Fighters
August 1 Tompkins West Happy Little Elves at LBS, Inc.
August 22 Tompkins East Amy Jones’ New Team at Gouging Anklebiters
August 22 Tompkins West Poutine Machine at Fresh Kills
August 29 Tompkins East Mathematics at What The Puck
August 29 Tompkins West Corlears Hookers at Rehabs

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