Hockey Beach Needs To Know What You’re Good At Besides Hockey

by Ophelia Bauls

Postcard from last year.

First of all…

That friend with the awesome house in Montauk has a guestlist longer than your BTSH bar regrets, it’s not happening for you this August. Stop “waiting to see how your summer pans out” and sign up now by PayPaling $60 to You want to have a Crabmeat Bloody Mary and jump into the ocean between games. You just do.

Second of all, we need your skillz…

If you can help out with any of these things, please jump in. Your participation will help make Hockey Beach better than ever this year.

1. Make the pretty (designers)

We need some help designing the following things…
– Scoresheet
– Trucker hat (incorporating the existing HockeyBeach logo)
– New banner to hang at courts
– Schedule
– Marketing email

2. Get all the likes

Do you kill it on Instagram or the ‘book? Help us with Social Media for Hockey Beach. You can pick every goddamn filter and only post pictures in which you look beyond. Oh the power.

3. Squad goals

Get the word out and grab some free agents. More players = more teams = more funds = more swag and party perks. You don’t need to commit to a team right now if you don’t want. Just sign up as a free agent.

Ocean City re-peat champs.

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