by Richiehero

There are very few people in this world where if you get into an argument with someone, you know immediately its you, not them. Georgine is one of those people. If you get into an argument with Georgine, you’re wrong, you just are.

Rich & Georgine

Another reason Georgine is a HOFer…Georgine is the nicest American in BTSH. I mean she’s clearly nicer than Schuey and Rubens, so that’s two down. While Sam Norris is a pretty nice guy he’s no Zach Norris, so Sam is eliminated and we can compare her to Zach. Zach is from Cleveland and I’m not really sure where that is so he’s eliminated. So by process of elimination, Georgine is the nicest American. She’s clearly no Corey W but luckily for her, he’s from Canada. (Also if Georgine and Corey got into an argument, please video it, but I have to take Corey’s side I think, but its close).

But seriously, when people talk about the “Spirit of BTSH” I typically want to punch them in the face, because who the fuck are you to tell anyone else what the spirit of how you play should be? Yes, playing clean and not being a dick certainly are BTSH requirements, but why is hustle, loyalty and respect a bad thing? Sorry, I was just texting Hicks and got side-tracked.


The point I am trying to make is that Georgine really plays the game the right BTSH way. She’s friendly, approachable and pretty good at the actual game of hockey. Her career highlight is when she scored a natural hat trick for the Butchers. After the game she was her usual modest self when I asked how she felt and she said, “I thought it was excessive.”


Congrats Georgine!

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