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While the vast majority of us have played in many other sport leagues (including mens leagues) BTSH is where most of us call home now. We are more than a hockey league, we are a community, maybe even a family. I truly believe there isn’t a greater social league in the world than BTSH. And if you make the BTSH Hall of Fame, its typically not because you’re a great player (though that can help), but its because you’ve done great things for our little community. Like Bob W., coaching little kids, or Alex E.M. reffing every week or Altman murdering one of those skateboarders.  So without further ado, the 2016 Hall of Fame Class!

OK…hold on, before we get to 2016, we have to finish off 2015. You see I wanted to do something special for the last person inducted in 2015, but he kept backing out of the video. So I never got the chance to induct him. But it is none other than $h0wT!m3.


$h0wT!m3 is probably the most recognizable player in BTSH history. For a long time he was the face that runs this place. While we all make jokes about his fake injuries and fake retirements, the guy has heart. I remember in 2010, we were sitting at a bar after a Zog game and he told me he didn’t take sports too seriously, until his Dad died, and then he realized, whenever you step on the field/court, you should always play with passion.

$h0wT!m3 hustles on offense and is a relentless forchecker. He’s a great general manager, as the Rehabs will be contenders for years now.

When it comes to helping out the league, $h0wT!m3 is always one of the first people to volunteer. Yeah, Tim Brown would argue he’s a little flaky, and that’s probably true, but whenever he told me he’d ref he would be there and take it seriously. He certainly wouldn’t ref a playoff game with a cigarette, beer and wearing Bartolo Colon’s underwear, that’s for sure.

$h0wT!m3 is not only great at hockey, but he also gave a great speech on one of the only 3 movies men are allowed to cry (Chill anti-Patriarchs, its just a joke).


I love $h0wT!m3, but not in the way that got him his six kids from 7 different mothers. There is no one I respect more in BTSH than you. You’re a great guy, an ok friend and a very deserving member of the 2015 Hall of Fame class!

Good luck in your title game vs. Filthy. I’m sure you’ll win.

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