Guest Columnist: Rich Glanzer

The following views do not necessarily represent those of the editors or of BTSH. They do, however, represent those of Rich Glanzer.

While everyone knows I like to stay quiet and not comment much, I feel the need to speak up about a miscarriage of justice.  Before I speak of this injustice, I want everyone to know how much this hurts me to say, since the two people that have besmirched our beloved BTSH, I used to consider friends.

Adriano Bratta and Ben Chadtrick (Chadwick) are both in the Survivor Pool.  However, in Week 5, they, along with Jesse Kalb all lost.  When it happened, I, along with the rest of the league, figured there would be no winner, and the champion would revert back to whoever won last.  And that just so happens to be me.

There is precedence in this approach.  If the three teams involved all tie, the prestigious (yet imaginary) Fairy Tale Cup is awarded to the team that held it the previous season.  So, since all three players lost in Week 5, they should have all been eliminated, and I, Hockey Rich, should have been deemed champion once again.

But because BTSH turncoats Derek and Eli run the Survivor Pool, they decided to make up their own rules, and screw me of my deserved title.

I have to say that the original winner, Abby Meisterman, and I are true champions.  We wouldn’t accept taking the title if we actually lost.  Adriano and Ben are not worthy champions.  They are only worthy of our league-wide scorn.

Good Day!!

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6 Responses to “Guest Columnist: Rich Glanzer”

  1. the chairman says:

    crickets chirping

  2. derek says:

    I could respond to this, but I’m boycotting guest columnists.

  3. HockeyRich says:

    Crickets are chirping Ben because me and you didn’t respond. And we’re the only two commenter’s ever. (except for random other Elves and Demons)

    Derek, well played sir!!

  4. HockeyRich says:

    Wait, I know why Derek is boycotting guest columnists.

  5. the chairman says:

    You fail to realize that Dr. Clavicle’s article was the most popular article in BTSH history, at least judging by how long it stayed on the site.

  6. HockeyRich says:

    I think Dr. Clavicle would even conceded that you and Adriano are paper champions compared to me. You lost twice. I’m the Champ.

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