Color: Yellow
Founded: 2012
Record: expunged
BTSH Championship Wins: none
Captain: Ryan
Ancestry: The Unicorns (RIP)
Worth Noting: 1. Jamie loves milkshakes. 2. The team is named after the AMC car, not the 1984 film.
User Reviews: “Huh? What is an AMC Gremlin?” – the Millennials
“Wait, he seriously tracks his +/-??” – Anonymous

2018 Stats

9Erich Graham11.05
6Tim Finnerty10.63
4Iannis Tourlakis00.314
3Marcella Coulson00.213
2Ryan Mills00.172
2Cody Capps00.292
2Alex Rockoff00.22
1Rod Sherwood00.111
1Courtney Ryan01
1Allison Busch01
Jamie B73142.03

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