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4 Responses to Games Cancelled For 5/3/09

  1. HockeyRich says:

    This is lame. Last year we played through like three huge downpours. That’s part of the charm of BTSH.

  2. benwick666 says:

    This counts as a win!

  3. bob w says:

    those who played in the ACS tourney the day before, when it rained briefly, saw people falling hard and frequently on the b-ball court, sometimes their sticks flying out of their hands as their feet came out from under them. a number of people had bloodly knees. i know that i tweaked my back, slipping on the ice-like surface. with 26 weeks of games scheduled, i’m in favor of playing it safe when the weather is bad. i don’t think that we should be asking, “why aren’t we playing in the rain today?” and instead ask, “why in the world did we ever do it in the past?”

  4. HockeyRich says:

    That’s a good point Bob. Its just we had some hardcore party plans after our game that made it a little dissappointing.

    I tried to make it Saturday but the boss made me work.

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