Colors: red (primary), red (alternate)
Record: spotty at best
BTSH Championship Wins: none, because this is unpossible
Captain Emeritus: Newman
Just to be clear: this is not a real team

History: BTSH has a yearly free agent game day before the season starts, going back at least to 2007 and probably before that. Free agents also have opportunities to play throughout the year when contacted by a team, and at our various ancillary events such as the Rose Charities Tournament and Ocean City Tournament.

Reality: Free agents wear red to the yearly scrimmage and dream of being picked up by one of the teams in the league. Usually there are way more FAs than there are roster slots so you have to make a name for yourself quickly. Tips: score (or prevent) a lot of goals, distinguish yourself with weird, sophomoric behavior and costume, or come to the bar afterwards, get a captain drunk, and badger that person until he or she relents and put you on a roster. Should that fail, all hope is not lost; we also have a yearly free agent registration form <– (hint: this is a link to it), and periodically a captain in need of players will scan through the form results and contact you at random (especially goalies). Be sure to include a description of your position and experience, but feel free to make up all sorts of crazy lies, since that team will be stuck with you on game day even if you’re terrible. Be warned: you cannot play in BTSH unless you have registered! (Despite any evidence to the contrary.)

Other notes: 78% of the players in the league have been free agents at one time or another. Keep in mind, however, that this is a totally made-up statistic.

Fun fact: the storied, illustrious, ultimately championship-bound Happy Little Elves were briefly known as “Free Agent Team.”

These free agents have made a name for themselves in 2018:

GoalsNameHat TricksGames ScoredGames PlayedWinsGoals AgainstShutoutsGAANotes
3Hector M.M$h0\/\/+1|\/|3!475(formerly Rehabs) LBS 7/15, CK 8/12Shutouts: 1 (for LBS 7/15)
2Josh W.M2 goals for MATH
1Sarah V.FRehabs 6/3, 1G
1Sebastian ?.MFilthier 6/3, 1G
1Courtney R.F1G for Corlears Hookers 7/15
1Caitlin K.F1G for LBS 7/22
1Maurice ?.M
Kevin L.M6564/29 FK, 5/6 CK & GANK, 5/20 LBS, 6/3 POUTShutouts: 2, when is he moving to Bolivia?
Peter B.M153FK 3/25, BUT 4/22, BUT 8/12Shutouts: 1. Still unregistered though... 🙁
Charlie O'D.M535113/25 HOOK, 3/25 GUT, 4/22 KAR, 4/29 KAR & WTP, 5/20 DD, 6/24 GUT, 7/15 BUT, 7/29 BUT & IK, DD 8/12Rose MVP and registered FA.
Eitan L.M650174/7 & 4/15 MAT, 4/15 GUT, 4/22 MEGA & DARK, 4/29 RIOT, 5/6 REH, 5/20 GUT & WTP, 6/10 FUZZ, 7/8 DR, 7/15 MATH, 7/22 SKY, DD & TSR 7/29, MAT & SKY 8/12Shutouts: 2
Teddy ?.M242POUT 7/15 & 8/5
Ben F.M031TSR 7/22