by Arya Stark

Calling all hockey fans, BTSH vets and degenerate gamblers alike:

The First Annual BTSH Survivor Pool will commence on July 9 with the week 11 games.  Standard survivor pool rules apply – each week, participants are invited to select one winner for any game taking place that Sunday.  Any participant who chooses a team that loses their match (regulation, OT or shootout) will be eliminated from the pool.  All surviving members move on to the next round but are unable to reuse teams.  Each week, survivors will continue picking teams (each person using a different team each week) until only one person remains.

Fine Print & Contingencies: If all survivors are eliminated in one particular week, none will be eliminated and the following week will commence as if all teams won.  Any games that are postponed or called off by the league for any reason will result in both teams being credited with a “win” for that week.  These teams will be ineligible to be picked again.  If 5 or more participants remain in week 15 participants will begin picking two teams per week, one primary and one secondary pick.  Anyone who picks both winners moves onto the next round.  If no one picks both winners, the primary picks that were correct move on.  If no primary picks are correct, secondary picks will be considered.  If multiple participants remain through the end of the regular season contest will extend through the play-in round of the playoffs.  If no winner is crowned by the end of the play-in round then all remaining entries will split the prize pool.

Entry fee is $5 and can be paid via cold hard cash. Anyone who is interested, email with your picks for July 9 or with any outstanding questions.

Ed. Note: this pool is not affiliated with previous pools run by the media.  From the ashes of those hot mess rises something bigger and better.

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