In this installment of 23 and Mia, we honor some of the fierce women of BTSH.

By Mia

March is the perfect time to birth yet another generation of our beloved league since it coincides with the same month that the U.S., the UK and Australia celebrate the accomplishments —and struggles— of women. In this installment of 23 and Mia, we check on the latest accomplishments of some of our very fine BTSH females.

MAKING HERSTORY: If you’ve seen Cobra Kai’s Dani play, you know she’s calm, cool and unstoppable. As the Founder and Commissioner of the National Women’s Hockey League, one can expect no less. SportsNet recently named Dani the 3rd Most Powerful Woman in Hockey! “That a 32-year-old woman from Tampa Bay built a league from scratch and has kept it afloat for five years is an incredible display of power,” wrote SportsNet. “That she’s not folding in the face of unthinkable pressure to do so is another.” Well-deserved kudos, Dani!

MAKING MEMORIES: The Sky Fighter’s Dana produces not only goals, but she’s an actual producer of an actual Broadway revival! Maybe you’ve heard of the 1970s hit COMPANY (or at least seen the bus wraps or heard the commercial). This comedy features music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Back in the day, the protagonist was played by a man, but today, the lead has been re-imagined as a feisty female who questions societal expectations at every turn. “I’m really passionate about producing work by and about women,” Dana shared. Let’s hope COMPANY takes a long shift on The Great White Way.

MAKING IMPACT: The Gremlin’s Marcella took the league by storm a couple of years ago. Can’t quite remember why she got skipped over for ROTY, but nonetheless, this Canadian has been a force to recon with ever since. Fiercely tenacious, Marcella is a powerful athlete who —much like the other ladies highlighted— has a great mind. Leveraging her deeply academic gender studies background, Marcella has been tirelessly cultivating a community of female-identifying ball hockey players in order to encourage women’s empowerment through sport. Two successful Hockaway tournaments are just the beginning—look out for more from Ms. M and her band of merrywomen! (Editor’s Note: Shout out to LJ, Tia, Danielle and so many more.)

And last, but not least, we’re MAKING BABIES: Long time Mega Captain Julie is not only a skilled competitor, but a successful entertainment attorney. Her most important contract to date has got to be with partner Olivier from Cobra Kai. Tale tells that the nausea we all thought was usual Ocean City debauchery was actually morning sickness. And, it’s been rumored that this power couple timed bebe’s birth around BTSH. Will Julie be back for playoffs? Will Olivier miss key games because Shorti pucked? Will baby’s first words be French or English? Whatever their truth, the media commends Julie for good use of her off-season!

Thanks to all the ladies for inspiring us! What will you make this year?

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