Facing Backwards on 2016 is a short series by the media team in which we reflect on the season and what it meant to us.  We hope you enjoy.  Here’s Part 1.

Freedom Isn’t Free (But Free Agents Are)
by JW

So, when I asked Isaac how I could help out with the Facing Backwards piece for the website he suggested that I write a piece about new free agents added to the league this year, to show how cool new people get added when captains use the free agent list. I of course knew right away why he picked me for this portion of the article – because myself and some others went on a (umm….crusade?) this season to get people to use the free agent list, rather than borrowing players from other teams. Without further ado, let’s meet the new free-agent-turned-full-timers:

I’ll pick a team at random to start with, hmm, I dunno, let’s say………. The Gremlins.

The Gremlins
by JW

The Gremlins added 3 new people this season (it just occurred to me, that is certainly a team record for us). Since I love all 3 of them equally, I will profile them in chronological order of when they were added:

Cody C.


Marist Hockey baby! Big ups to Poughkeepsie, NY.

Continuing in the long tradition of cool and skilled BTSHers from The Sunshine State (Rox – this kid is a Lightning fan!) Cody was the first person we added, at the beginning of the season. He made his impact felt right away – he scored in his first game, and assisted me in that same game. Additionally, right away he fit in with the Gremlins ethos, and with almost the same immediacy……he broke his ankle and was out for the whole middle of the season. Sigh. However, he returned toward the end of the season and it was like he never missed a beat.

Alex R.


Go Sabres!!

My fellow upstate NY brethren. A couple of us met Alex at the preseason free agent scrimmage but unfortunately we didn’t have space for him right away. About a third of the way through the season we realized we had a spot, we contacted him and he was ready to go. I believe Alex scored in his first game as a Gremlin also, and he also fit right in with us right away, but his most triumphant moment came when he got stung by a bee during a game and kept playing, with the stinger in his arm the whole time. (This is hardcore, for BTSH, people.) In addition to being the most hardcore person in BTSH history, he is also a super cool and laid-back guy, and a skilled hockey player.

Marcella C.


So Canadian. So, SO Canadian.

This gal puts the “cool” in Coulson (wait, is that how you pronounce her last name? Crap, it is probably pronounced like “Moulson”, isn’t it? That really backfired.). I reached out to Marcella via the free agent list and she jumped right in, it was like she was born to be a Gremlin, and born to be a super fun new part of the league. She is also THE most Canadian of any Canadian in the league, as far as I can tell. I will leave what that means up to your interpretation.

Skilled, supportive, and fun, she is the type of teammate any team would welcome.

Wait, I am fairly sure she ALSO scored in her first game as a Gremlin?? Is it possible that I am the best talent scout in league history??

Well, one thing is for sure: With these 3, I am definitely the best coolness scout ever.

Cobra Kai
by Seb

Rachel I.


Rachel has been a great addition, always up for hanging out afterwards and team bonding. She runs her own fashion blog and is an awesome person. She even scored her first goal late in the year to wrap up her rookie season!

(Editor’s note: I can attest to Rachel’s awesomeness, AND I was playing in net for Kai and witnessed her score that goal!)

Dark Rainbows
by Abby

Dan S.


Not knowing how BTSH works (Let’s be honest, who does?), Dan showed up to the one of the last scrimmages of 2015 instead of the Open/Free Agent scrimmage of 2016. Suspecting (correctly) that we may lose a guy or two in the off-season, Tia Lendo “Calrissian” got his contact info and endorsed him solidly. He started with the Dark Rainbows this year and has been a fantastic addition to the team bringing strong defensive play, a positive outlook and sunny disposition, and lots of team spirit. Instantly dedicated to the Rainbows, he also brought on Emily Gregg — another excellent addition — mid-way through the season!

Mega Touch
by JW

Alex E. M.


He looks like such a good guy…….until you get to know him.

Mega used the free agent list to bring on this guy midway through the 2016 season, and he has been a disaster ever since. Consistently rude, crude and breaking Rule #1 whenever he gets the chance, I am surprised this fella even made it through half a season without being tossed out of the league. He NEVER agrees to ref, he does nothing for the league, and all he cares about is winning, winning, WINNING. Mega has a long, proud history of being one of the coolest teams in the league and this jerk has all but ruined that in 9 weeks. Let this be a cautionary tale to us all: The free agent list doesn’t ALWAYS yield cool new players. 

(I heard he even tracks his +/-?!?  I mean, what kind of a jackass……)
Welcome to all the new peeps!  Well, except Alex E. M.
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