by Anonymous Bylaws Committee Member

The Bylaws Committee has been working in conjunction with the Board to form a new corporate and general structure for this league to run as efficiently as possible.  Our last meeting was on July 25 and was open to the public.  We had representatives from about half the league attend and covered a wide range of issues concerning how everything is run.

One of the main goals of the committee and the Board is to structure the league in the most efficient manner possible, both legally and internally.  We are a non-profit and our insurance has been upped to cover the league in a worst-case scenario (this does NOT mean you should start hacking / slashing / throwing each other into fences on Sundays…but your hacking / slashing / fence violence is at least unlikely to destroy the league).  Interim committees have been created on several fronts to keep everything functioning during the season.  The Board is overseeing this transition process and is comprised of five members.  By rule, none of them are allowed to sit on any other committees or hold any paid positions for the entirety of their tenure.  The bylaws committee is working on sorting out how future boards will be elected and how their terms will be structured.

The social committee has held several recent events that you may or may not remember (even those of you who attended may mysteriously have no memory of said events).  The All-Star Game was a lot of fun (great work Ben) and the Olympics were as debaucherous as ever.  The committee is officially made up of seven members.  All members received a $150 stipend but opted to put that money back towards league booze so make sure to give them a hug when you see them.  In the coming weeks, watch for more Sunday events both on the court and at the league bar of the week (the social committee has been rotating the bar of choice during the season to give new places a shot and mix it up so we’re not always at the same dimly lit spot every Sunday).  There is also the first ever BTSH Prom, tentatively scheduled for September 23, and an end-of-season party / awards ceremony immediately following the championship game.  Any questions or suggestions – ask Diana Marko, who is heading up the social committee, or any of the other six members (Ben, Alex, Rachel, Worky, Tracy and Lisa) when you see them.  Make sure to buy them a drink first though.

The media committee, which you can assume is working smoothly if you are reading this very post, is headed up by Isaac and keeps this website running and all of you from actually doing work while at the office.  If you have any suggestions or pitches for articles email  We are currently looking for volunteers for community outreach; this is important because when we ask for permits, sponsorship, etc we must show that we give back to the community if the city is going to let us continue to play in / monopolize the park for six hours every Sunday.  Please contact Jenn P if interested.  Game day operations are being run by our new League Manager / Sultan, Rich G, and thus far no one has died on his watch which is a great sign.

In. the near future the website will be updated to keep you apprised of most developments.  There will be a section devoted to monthly newsletter, minutes from our bylaws meetings, minutes from captains meetings (dirty jokes will likely not be transcribed) and possibly even a league history page that is actually kept updated and added to periodically.  We are also hoping to implement a back-end system that will make it easier for captains to keep track of league business.  All of this will help improve transparency as we continue to restructure the internal workings of BTSH.  As Suz remarked in our meeting, “the main goal of this committee is to sort out what this league is and what it is going to become in the coming years.’  It’s a very exciting process and although only committee members are able to vote on committee matters, meetings are open to the BTSH public  We invite all of you to attend, get involved and offer input/feedback on the future of this crazy league.  Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid/late November; your captains will receive all pertinent info and forward your way once we’ve set a date.

I hope the four people who read this entire update thoroughly enjoyed themselves (unlikely), and we look forward to seeing and beating you on the courts this Sunday (not literally…unless you’re into that sort of thing.)

Anonymous Bylaws Committee Member

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