Denim Demons

Colors: Red (primary), white/black (alternate)
Year Founded: 2002
BTSH Championship Wins: none
Team History: The Denim Demons were a hell-spawned aberration of What The Puck just prior to that team’s calamitous, disastrous, horrific, unthinkable season in which they won their first league championship. The year was 2002 and the Demons came into being as an object lesson in how not to build a thoroughbred, taking their name from those less-than-likely heroes of leather-bound punk and roll, Turbonegro. Little did they realize that this philosophy would lead them straight to infamy, pariah status, and martyrdom. Assembling all of the outcasts, rejects, punks, downright problem children and the Swedish that they could, the Demons managed to build themselves into a juggernaut of ball hockey. Fear them.

2018 Stats

18Neil Zuckerman31.58
8Miles Sampson00.536
7Zach Fein00.584
4Yevgeny Ayzenberg00.364
4Jake Reznick00.334
3Brad Pollock00.332
2Adam Rubens00.132
1Tracy Miller00.061
1Sara Klein00.071
1David Rosen01
1Brian Matz01
1Adam Goldstein01
Zach Casca4911.45
Zach L62412.11

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