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by Rich “I Will Be Heard” Glanzer

(Editor’s Note: While we’re not actually doing team previews this year, Rich Glanzer insisted that we balance out our current coverage of the Demons by posting  his own take on Satan’s Little Helpers. Take it away, Rich)

What about me? What about the Demons? That’s what Adam Rubens, Zack Tinkelman, and of course league instigator Jenn Popack want to know. While the Demons are very proficient of raising other people’s hands, no one seems to raise theirs. 

So why is it that no one ever raises a Demons hand? Is it because Adam Ruebens loves to be hated? Is it because no one ever sees them because they rarely go to Ace like the rest of the league? No, its neither of these two things. Its because as good as the Demons have been in the regular season, they just don’t score come playoff time. In the Modern Era of BTSH (2008- present…and no Zach Norris, the Modern Era didn’t start when you started, that would be so egotistical. God, why are you how you are??) the Demons have won two Presidents trophy’s for having the most regular season points, but both of those years failed to make it to the semi’s. And only once have they moved past the round of 16.

So how far can this team go? After a miserable first half of last season, the Demons turned their season around and became a force to be reckoned with.  Few teams have a 1-2 punch like Papa Tink’s son, Tinkelman, and Jeff Kamen. Captain Adam Reubens keeps the team inspired and the best defensemen you never heard of Lee Reiners anchors a solid defense. 

Coach is solid in net and comes up big when it counts the most. (someone score 3 goals for him come playoff time!) 
As for the Lady Demons…Jenn Glanzer, Tracy (Looks Better in Blue) Miller were invaluable rookies last year. They also added some blonde chick this year that’s really good as many teams were going to ask her to play but Rubeens swiped her first. None of these girls will move into the top tier of women like MDF, Tiffany and Melissa Budnick, but they may knock Diane Johnston out of the top 20.
My prediction? While I don’t think they will win four-five games in a row come October, they certainly cant be counted out. (Like I did with the Lbs. last year) I think the Demons will probably finish 3rd in the standings, win their first round matchup and once again, lose in the round of 16. But they’ll have more fun doing it than most teams, even if its not at Ace bar. Jobbers. 
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5 Responses to Denim Demons 2013 Season Preview

  1. HockeyRich says:

    For the record we were doing previews when I wrote this. This picture needed to be seen. I also have a Math preview I’ll just send to Zach Norris, Elly and Derk.

  2. zenorris says:

    “In the Modern Era of BTSH (2008- present…and no Zach Norris, the Modern Era didn’t start when you started, that would be so egotistical. God, why are you how you are??)”

    Haha, When did you start playing, Rich? … 2008?

  3. joetinky says:

    I hear you, Rich. That was a very fair, nicely written preview. Its accuracy is destined to come up short, though, come October. We’ll talk again as the Demons prep for the quarterfinals. I’m glad to hear that the Demons are respecting my training table advice and refraining from the consumables at the Ace.

  4. HockeyRich says:

    Papa Tink, I will feel very happy for you if proven wrong. Its been done a lot lately.

    And yes Zach Norris, I started in 2008. But that is obviously a coincidence.

  5. lena says:

    Um, Demons have made it through the round of 16 every year since I joined the team in 2006….. We lose in the round of 8. Consistently!

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