Colors: Green/Black (primary), white (alternate)
Year Founded: 2006
Ancestry: It’s said that Cobra Kai was the merger of Henry Motion (2005) and Super Awesome Villains Forever (2005). Henry Motion was itself the merger of Henry St. Wines and Liquors (2001-2004) and Sparkle Motion (2004).
BTSH Championship Wins: none

GoalsNamePosSexNicknameWins (Incl. OT/SO)Goals AgainstGames StartedNotes
10Will G.FM
9Liam M.M
7Tom L.M
6Paul B.M
4Russ H.M
3Pete G.M
3Siena F.FFFoligno
3Rachel L.F
2Rachel N.F
2Olivier B.FMDerrick
2Zach H.M
2Connor Q.
1Luke W.M
1Dani R.F
1Chris T.
Campbell W.GM131915Shutouts: 4
31 Mar LBS, Inc. L 2-4 EAST
7 Apr Tompkins Square Riots W 3-0 WEST
14 Apr Corlears Hookers L 0-1 EAST
28 Apr Fuzz W 2-0 EAST
5 May Butchers 3:00 pm WEST
19 May What the Puck 4:30 pm WEST
2 Jun Mathematics 3:00 pm WEST
9 Jun Mega Touch 2:00 pm EAST
23 Jun Gouging Anklebiters 5:30 pm WEST
30 Jun Fresh Kills 2:00 pm WEST
14 Jul Rehabs 4:45 pm EAST
21 Jul Mathematics 3:30 pm WEST
28 Jul Poutine Machine 4:45 pm EAST
4 Aug Corlears Hookers 1:00 pm WEST
11 Aug Filthier 6:00 pm WEST
18 Aug Gouging Anklebiters 2:15 pm EAST
8 Sep Dark Rainbows 2:15 pm EAST
15 Sep Butchers 5:00 pm EAST