Colors: Green/Black (primary), white (alternate)
Year Founded: 2006
Ancestry: It’s said that Cobra Kai was the merger of Henry Motion (2005) and Super Awesome Villains Forever (2005). Henry Motion was itself the merger of Henry St. Wines and Liquors (2001-2004) and Sparkle Motion (2004).
BTSH Championship Wins: none

5Frederick William Green00.424
4Russell Hamilton00.314
4Pete Gallina00.333
3Olivier Derrick Brassard00.273
3Liam Martens00.273
3Alan Horowitz00.53
2Tom Lambertsen 00.221
2Rachel Longley00.152
2Luke Wolmer00.252
1Paul Brown00.131
1Lauren Jones00.111
Campbell 4130.24
Ryan Montgomery01402.26

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