With the Denim Demons off to another hot start in the 2010 season, all of BTSH is studying their every move in order to glean what has been working so well for them. While captain Adam “Legend Killer” Rubens has steadfastly refused to divulge any of his in-game strategy, he has been gracious enough to provide a handy guide to pre-game calisthenics.

“Any good stretching regimen should take approximately 20-30 minutes.  Although the focus of your routine should be on the legs, young players are reminded to hit all parts of the body.”

“I call this one the Demons Lunge.  It is particularly good at stretching the gluteal region, as well as the groin.  I don’t know why [David] Fraser laughs at me whenever I say that word.”

“This one is called the Upside-Down T.  It’s a good follow-up to the Demons Lunge and can cut down on cramping in the legs.  I can now get my knee all the way to my face!”

“This is the Pretzel.  It’s named after one of my favorite foods.”

“I named this one the Flamingo.  I picked it up back when I lived in Florida and would frequently wrestle alligators…because you do not want to pull something while doing that.”

“This next one is the Dandeneau.  It’s named after the person who taught me how to do it.  I always like to save this one for last, as it pumps me up for my games.  You can tell that by my big smile in the photo.”

“Finally, I rest.  Be sure to spend several minutes of peaceful meditation prior to every game.  Visualize your game plan, and think about how you can execute it.”

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3 Responses to Calisthenics With Rubens

  1. HockeyRich says:

    God I wish I was boycotting this week. Out of every BTSHer, you’ve decided lets get workout pictures of Adam?? (No Offense Adam)

    However I have found rare footage of Derek and Eli at a bar together. Here Eli is fascinated with what he found.

  2. legendkiller says:

    You’re just jealous Rich.

  3. I want a pretzel. A chocolate covered one. An actual chocolate covered pretzel, not some weird Adam covered in chocolate thing. That’d be gross.

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