Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2018!


Hey BTSH and Like-minded Folks–the annual Rose Charities Street Hockey Tournament for 2018 is finally here!!!  And yes, you guessed it–we’ve only updated a few numbers on this page to reflect it’s the 2018 “Best Day of the Year” Tournament!

So, mark your calendars for all-day Saturday, April 21st.  Registration opens at 9:00.  Games start at 10:00am and go until around 4:00pm, followed by an awesome after-party.  It’s definitely a day you won’t want to miss.  Invite your friends, family, lovers, illegitimate lovers, rich uncles, rich aunts, harems, hotties ‘n’ hunks at work you don’t know how to hang out with without being weird–invite ’em all!

But seriously, please follow the link to register, to learn more about Rose Charities and the great fundraising and support they give around the world, and to play even more street hockey with your friends.  The current link is a little outdated.  The actual tournament is Saturday, April 21st.


Not sure what Rose Charities is?  Then hit the link, you dummy!

Not sure how to register? Then you should have, again, hit the link!

Not sure you like street hockey?  Then get off this dang site, but maybe give a donation to Rose Charities, anyways!

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