On Sunday, July 29th at 7pm at Parkside Lounge, we will be holding the 73rd annual BTSH Olympics. Complete with tall boy chugging, flip cup, a hot legs competition, arm wrestling, and more, this night promises to be one of absolute debauchery. We recommend asking your boss for the 30th off.

You can sign up for events HERE.

The more the merrier and yes, you are allowed to sign up for as many as you’d like. Winners will receive medals that are currently being constructed by rookie and media sensation, Jess D to match the event. Have fun Phallic eater champion.

There will be free pizza and $3 beer specials.

Don’t feel like competing? Come hang anyway and see who ends up with a cupcake in their ass and what time Cro passes out.

Any questions?  Reach out to Cheeky, Alex F, or Probe.

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