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Photo credit: Anklebiter Productions

Photo credit: Anklebiter Productions

It was promised, and now it’s time.

Anklebiter Productions brings you the first in a trilogy of summer social events – BTSH’s first-ever Karaoke Competition, right after the games this Sunday at HiFi bar.

Yes, clean out those pipes (which ones?  you choose) and join hosts Worky McParty & Diana M Cheekbones who will guide you through your karaoke adventure while accompanied by musical interludes from DJ Bubblebath.  

How do you win?  Show up and rock the mic.  Audience approval will send you to the finals where once again the crowd will determine the champ.

What do you win?  A kiss from the host of your choice.  If you choose Craig, you also get a handy.  Plus, there’s a cool mystery prize for bringing home the gold.

Hungry?  We got you.  Check out the classy hot dog bar at the back of HiFi along with other fun eats.  

Here’s the summary:

  • What? Karaoke, son!
  • When?  After last games at Tompkins.
  • Where?  HiFi, fool.
  • Can I eat for free? Yes.
  • Are there free beers?  We ain’t that rich.
  • What is the meaning of life?  Ask the bartender.

See you Sunday at HiFi, suckas!

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