BTSH Hall of Fame – Phil D

by Richiehero

First Amy then Julie. Yes Hicks, I heard your complaints about the white men of BTSH never getting any credit. That ends right now!

Old School BTSH picked up a huge W in 2018 when Phil D. was finally inducted into the BTSH HOF. Phil easily could have been a first ballot .

If I had to pick the best partier in BTSH history, Phil would rank #2 behind the legendary Ellery. While others bemoan the new BTSH, Phil makes sure to show the youngins how it used to be done, with the now yearly BTSH Olympics.

Here are some of Phil’s likes: Wives that are really good at arm-wrestling, Karstan’s, Alex E.M. and Side-Show-Bob’s hair-style, hoarding goalies, and being sneakily competitive (Don’t @ me Anklebiters, Phil told me this himself).

Some of his dislikes include, Charlotte’s fucking brother, overtimes or shootouts in the playoffs, and Cro trying to MC the Olympics. But really, he hates Charlotte’s fucking brother the most.

‘Biters and Math showdown in preparation for the BTSH Olympics

One more thing about Phil and the Anklebiters. They pulled off (in my opinion) the biggest upset in BTSH history when they eliminated Fresh Kills in 2015. If they beat FK again in 2019, it wouldn’t be nearly the upset. The Anklebiters have quietly assembled the 7th best team in BTSH and could beat anyone on any given Sunday.

Congrats Phil on a well deserved accomplishment.

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