by Richiehero

Sweet lovable, innocent young Julie. Who would have thought the girl who burst on the scene in 2010, would one day make the HOF.

Julie has had maybe the best beginning and ending in BTSH history. Her first season the Happy Little Elves won the championship, and this season, FUZZ did! I don’t know why she wouldn’t retire but it appears she’s going to bring back Mega for another year.

In truth, Julie epitomizes what BTSH is all about. She wasn’t that great at hockey to begin with, but loved the sport, is passionate about it and worked her ass off to improve. She started playing in more leagues, going to scrimmages, and became captain of Mega Touch. Despite a million teams trying to poach her, she stayed loyal to Mega because in her words, “That’s what Corey W. would do.”

Though she once sent an email to her team, “OK, so we’re not going to win the championship this year” she is highly competitive. She’s won 54 straight Ocean City titles with the evil Shorti’s, and won BTSH’s version of the Intercontinental Title, the Schlitz Cup. She even won two Moffo titles, including one with an all-girls team when Ariel scored in OT on a rebound from Jeff.

the fuck?!..

Some of her likes include: Communists who can’t speak English, retiring after an unofficial Skee*T*Ball win, subbing for Fresh Kills, pretending to be an Orioles fan, but only if they’re good and the 2014 US Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team.

But Julie doesn’t like everything. Some of her dislikes include, poaching, the New York Rangers, and of course, this picture.

Julie’s reaction when she found the dead dog.

Jokes aside, Julie makes sure every person has a room and ride to OC, loves the league and is great for this league.

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