by Richiehero

With a tear in my eye I write this Hall of Fame profile.

Farmingdale NY, 1999: Gil Walsh and I are playing on Triumph (in my mens league!). Our goalie is late and we start the game with no goalie. We see him arrive and he’s ready to play, so I tell my team to hand pass it so we get a whistle. My idiot teammates don’t listen and I’m agitated. Finally Walsh gets the ball and I tell him to hand pass it to me. Walsh hand passes it into our net. Gil screams. Not at Walsh. “RICHIE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?”

Yet I still love this man.

Before this becomes tl;dr read this.

True things you didn’t know about Gil:

  • He’s 56 years old.
  • He was born in Cuba.
  • He grew up salsa dancing and is excellent at it.
  • His daughter is a five time World Champion for Irish Dancing. She is considered the decorated American in the history of Irish Dancing.

Now onto the hockey.

If I had to pick the most amazing achievement in BTSH history, it would be Gil’s 2015 season, where 8 games in the only two players to score for the Elves were Gil and Gil’s son. Gil ended up winning the scoring title as a 53-year-old man with horrible hockey players.

Of course Gil’s biggest goal wasn’t during regulation or overtime, it was in 2010 when this goal, (and 3 Shaun d. saves) brought the Elves to their only final appearance.

Gil’s likes include: Gil, Gil’s Son, Gil’s Son’s Dad.

Gil’s dislikes include, Zack T. from the Demons (Yes you do), Emails from Chadwick,  admitting some of my game strategies actually work, and the defensive zone.

Gil hustling back on D

While I’ve hit people for hitting Gil, he’s not perfect. I feel your pain Gabe.

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