by Richiehero

Staying with the 2008 Fresh Kills theme, it’s about damn time we honored the most successful GM and captain in BTSH history – Dave S aka Soko. Some say the Bills might have had a dynasty in the early 90s had Scott Norwood’s kick went through the uprights. But instead of learning how to win, they muscle memoried how to lose.

Dave helped FK upsets the heavily favored Hookers in 2008, winning 3-2. After that the two franchises went in the same yet opposite directions. The Hookers could never win the big game, and Fresh Kills did. Dave is one of four players (according to him) that has four rings, along with Ariel, Eugene and Natasha. As you can see, Dave is a tremendous captain because outside of Natasha, none of those four are good.

Some of Dave’s likes include: Gabe, losing at least one game per season, the PBR Cup, and respecting Barch’s wishes, and not piling on him when they win a championship every three years.

Some of his dislikes include, the same old Sven joke about his Russian ancestry, Roxy missing playoff games, James P. in the shootout, supplying refs and most importantly, Kevin Foster calling a timeout in the 2010 Quarterfinals.

4 championships, 2 runs to an undefeated season, and many nights at the bar. But he’s yet to teach Gabe how to pass.

While Fresh Kills isn’t a dynasty, they are as close to one that we’ve ever seen in BTSH. Congrats Soko!

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