by Richiehero

With the 2019 season fast approaching it’s time to honor those who won the ultimate BTSH prize – permanent membership into the BTSH Hall of Fame.

Hall of Famer

We will start with Amy J. Amy has been a mainstay in BTSH since 2002, the year Becca C of Gut Rot was conceived. She is the fourth member of the famous 2008 Fresh Kills to make the HOF, along with Bob W., Dave *Gil* de Rubio and Soko (more on him later). Her likes include, feminism, fair-play, 2 a.m. drunken Ellery rants and education.  Her dislikes include middle-aged-white men mocking sorority girls taking selfies at Arizona Diamondback games, sleeves (we have something in common!) and the dreaded Patriarchy.

2008 Fresh Kills

All kidding aside, Amy epitomizes a large part of BTSH. During the infamous 2011 Women’s Tournament it poured at the end, sending the vast majority of players scrambling to Ace bar, without helping cleaning up. Amy along with Julie (more on her later too) stayed to help Adriano clean.

Here’s to hoping the 2010 BTSH documentary gets published! Congrats Amy!

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