by Perko and Sam

This is Perko of Gut Rot.  He likes to gamble.  And every year, he puts together a rowdy bunch of bandwagon horse racing fans to throw down wagers at Belmont.   He loves to gamble on horses so much, he will even teach you how to read those odds booklet things…

And, here is Perko’s message to all BTSHers.  Let’s rock n roll this year, as BTSH goes to Belmont:

The illustrious Belmont Stakes, the final leg of the Triple Crown, is upon us once again for the 149th running and this year’s race looks like it will have some very long odds. (for you non-gamblers out there, that means you can make a lot of money!)  The ponies will hit the track this Saturday, June 10th!

The first post (first race time) is 11:35 AM, so make sure to get your beauty rest Friday night because it’s going to be a long day. Moreover, they will be running LIRR trains direct to the track throughout the weekend, so you don’t need to be there that early.

This is an American pastime like no other (fuck the god damn polo match) and it will be our 4th year in a row participating. I do hope to see everyone there and if you have any doubts, you’re probably an idiot [slightly edited].

Tickets are listed at $25 on, but I’ll be reaching out to my admissions person to inquire about reduced cost tickets or ones without fees.

Very much looking forward to this very exciting weekend!

Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested.  Everyone is welcome to join.



P.S. Please reach out to Perko (if you have his phone/email) or Sam (via FB, email, or phone) to join in on the action.  If you don’t have either, just ask your team captain for it, you ding dong!

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