by Cheekbones

The BTSH 70’s Prom is around the corner. It is in fact next Saturday, September 22nd. Doors open at 8pm, open bar starts at 8:30pm-10:30pm. Your $30 ticket buys you food & booze for two hours – not bad, right? 

Venmo me @dianamarko or paypal $30 to diana dot Marko at gmail dot com for your tickets. PUT THE NAMES OF EVERYONE YOU ARE BUYING TICKETS FOR, AND THEIR BTSH TEAM (if applicable). Please do not make me chase you, I have a job, and a life. I’m not Elizabeth Warren, but I have shit to do. Or clean up. Where are my pills…

Can I bring my bae? My bae bae? My bae bae bae bae bae bae bae? 
Here’s the deal: your BTSH league dues subsidize this whole event. Can you bring your wife or girlfriend who is not in BTSH? Sure, we love you, and I’m sure we will love her. Can you bring your college buddies? Fuck no. Try to keep it in house as much as you can. 

Where the fuck is it?
Same place, assholes, Dewey’s Pub 135 W 30th St, New York, NY. 

The fuck do I wear?
1970-1979 provides a lot. Flower Power. Disco. Saturday night fever. Mod. Be a Beatle. Be roller girl. Be Twiggy. Be Mick Jagger. Be yourself.

Why am I going?
Because this happened last year…

The dirty-lens group shot!

Those guys your mom told you not to date! 

Those adorable people you call friends! 

The King and Queen! 

Your DJ! Best hair winner! And some handsome guy I banged last year! 

Four chicks just living in a material world! 

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