by Arya Stark

For those who don’t follow the Facebook group, we have two pools currently running.  The Second Annual Playoff Pick’Em already has more entries than last year’s; it’s free to enter, just fill out the linked Google Form for a chance at a free bar tab.  Make sure to follow the directions closely.  Scoring last year’s pool and taking a cursory look at this years entries has demonstrated that a surprising number of people in this league don’t understand how reseeding works.  Each round, the top seed plays the lowest seed in that round, second highest plays second lowest, etc all the way down.  So to all the people who picked both Cobra Kai and Math to advance to the quarterfinals – great teams, sexy people, but that shit is literally impossible.

We also have a BTSH Fantasy Pool where you can actually pick yourself, your teammates, your friends, your sex partners past and present, that dude you see passed out every Sunday…the possibilities are endless.  Entry is $10; rules and scoring are outlined within.  Pete Jensen of the NHL Network seems pretty confident in his picks; do you?

Deadline for submissions is noon on Sunday 10/1; any questions can be directed to  Good luck to everyone, even those who don’t understand reseeding

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