Butchers 3-1 Denim Demons Final
Butchers: Mike Mincieli (3), Arthur Revechkis (1), David St-Jules (1)
Denim Demons: Zach Fein (2)
Goalie Win: Tim Burke (1)

Sky Fighters 1-2 Mathematics Final
Sky Fighters: Michael Teytelbaum (3)
Mathematics: Jon Meyer (2), Zach Norris (1)
Goalie Win: David Liang (2)

Rehabs 1-2 Fresh Kills Final(SO) 
Rehabs: Joey Batista (4)
Fresh Kills: Connor (3)
Shootout: Winner by Gabe Chenard-Poirier
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch (2)

Mega Touch 1-3 Poutine Machine Final
Mega Touch: Julie Katz (1)
Poutine Machine: Timur Ridjanovic (1), Brian Sullivan (2), Mike Marron (3)
Goalie Win: Scott Heese (2)

Dark Rainbows 2-5 Gut Rot Final
Dark Rainbows: Brett Hiker (1), Aaron Friedman (1)
Gut Rot: Len Guinto (1), Ramon Santiago x 2 (2), Jeff Hendricks (1), Tommy Cho (1)
Goalie Win: Ed Podojil (2)

Fuzz 4-2 Gouging Anklebiters Final
Fuzz: Jeff Laniado (6), Sarah Torneten (1), Unknown Unknown (via ), Brian Hicks (3)
Gouging Anklebiters: Alex Derhohannesian (1), Chris Beswinger (1)
Goalie Win: Aaron Pagdon (2)

Cobra Kai 2-1 Gremlins Final
Cobra Kai: Rachel Longley (1), Lauren Jones (1)
Gremlins: Erich Graham (6)
Goalie Win: Campbell Weaver (2)

Filthier 3-6 LBS Inc. Final
Filthier: Sunny Mehra x 2 (3), Ann Mathews (2)
LBS Inc.: Jake Chaplin (1), Jason Bogdaneris (1), Scott Kaston (1), Karsten Pichon x 2 (3), Michael Roberts (2)
Goalie Win: Steve Friedman (via Free Agent)

Corlears Hookers 6-0 Instant Karma Final
Corlears Hookers: Danilo Biagioni x 2 (2), Jenna Hobeika x 2 (2), Jeff Kamen (2), Bill Ling (2)
Instant Karma:
Goalie Win: Kevin Longwell (2)

What The Puck 3-2 Tompkins Square Riots Final
What The Puck: Eric Higger x 2 (2), Paul Picinich (1)
Tompkins Square Riots: Sebastien Malo (1), Kevin Zhao (1)
Goalie Win: Matt Newman (via Free Agent)

What The Puck 1-2 Sky Fighters Final
What The Puck: Zac Hogg (1)
Sky Fighters: Olivier Brassard (1), Stephen D. (1)
Goalie Win: Ed Podojil (via Gut Rot)

Dark Rainbows 1-4 Denim Demons Final
Dark Rainbows: Emily Gregg (1)
Denim Demons: Zach Fein (1), Josh Rosen (1), Lauren Keiling (1), Miles Wolmark (1)
Goalie Win: Zach Lewis (via Free Agent)

Tompkins Square Riots 0-4 Mathematics Final
Tompkins Square Riots:
Mathematics: James Bobber (1), Jon Meyer (1), Bethy (via Free Agent), Eli Kazin (1)
Goalie Win: Eitan (via Free Agent)

Butchers 4-5 Gut Rot Final
Butchers: Dana Kravis (1), Peter D’Angelo x 2 (2), Mike Mincieli (2)
Gut Rot: Michael Gilligan x 2 (3), Scott Kollar x 3 (4)
Goalie Win: Ed Podojil (1)

Cobra Kai 1-3 LBS Inc. Final
Cobra Kai: Liam Martens (1)
LBS Inc.: Karsten Pichon (1), Luke Sellick (1), Michael Roberts (1)
Goalie Win: Unknown Unknown (via Free Agent)

Instant Karma 2-5 Fresh Kills Final
Instant Karma: Pete Wilson (1), Brianna Vernoia (1)
Fresh Kills: Natasha Sweeten (1), Connor x 2 (2), Andrew Starr x 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Patrick Barch (1)

Fuzz 9-4 Mega Touch Final
Fuzz: Paul Licari x 2 (2), Jeff Laniado x 4 (5), Alyssa Murrett (1), Brian Hicks (2), Gil Valdez (1)
Mega Touch: Alok Ghai (1), Alex Eben Meyer x 2 (3), Jeff Buffum (1)
Goalie Win: Aaron Pagdon (1)

Rehabs 5-2 Corlears Hookers Final
Rehabs: Christian O’Donnell (1), Alex May (3), Monique Rafferty (1), Ramy Odeh (1), Joey Batista (3)
Corlears Hookers: Tiffany Hagge (2), Bill Ling (via Dark Rainbows)
Goalie Win: Eric Ramirez (1)

Gouging Anklebiters 5-6 Poutine Machine Final(OT) 
Gouging Anklebiters: Sarah Moore x 2 (2), Matthew Workman (1), Ben Probert x 2 (3)
Poutine Machine: Jo-Ann Provencher (1), Brian Sullivan (1), Mike Marron x 2 (2), Mike Pelts x 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Scott Heese (1)

Gremlins 2-3 Filthier Final
Gremlins: Cody Capps (1), Erich Graham (5)
Filthier: Matthew Novick (1), James Pereira (2), Michael Law (1)
Goalie Win: Tim Kayiatos (2)

Fresh Kills 3-0 LBS Inc. Final
Fresh Kills: Ashley Singer (1), Ariel Imas x 2 (2)
LBS Inc.:
Goalie Win: Kevin Longwell (via Corlears Hookers)

Cobra Kai 1-0 Instant Karma Final
Cobra Kai: Will Green (1)
Instant Karma:
Goalie Win: Campbell Weaver (1)

Corlears Hookers 4-2 Mega Touch Final
Corlears Hookers: John Wolff (1), Tiffany Hagge (1), Brian Cronauer (1), Jeff Kamen (1)
Mega Touch: Alex Eben Meyer (1), Aaron Arredondo (1)
Goalie Win: Kevin Longwell (1)

Rehabs 4-3 Fuzz Final(OT) 
Rehabs: Alex May x 2 (2), Joey Batista x 2 (2)
Fuzz: Jeff Laniado (1), Miles Hilder (1), Brian Hicks (1)
Goalie Win: Hector Melendez (1)

Filthier 3-0 Denim Demons Final
Filthier: Sunny Mehra (1), Ann Mathews (1), James Pereira (1)
Denim Demons:
Goalie Win: Tim Kayiatos (1)

Mathematics 2-1 Butchers Final
Mathematics: Sam Norris x 2 (2)
Butchers: Mike Mincieli (1)
Goalie Win: David Liang (1)

Gouging Anklebiters 2-3 Sky Fighters Final(SO) 
Gouging Anklebiters: Jeremy Schumacher (1), Ben Probert (1)
Sky Fighters: Michael Teytelbaum x 2 (2)
Shootout: Winner by Michael Teytelbaum
Goalie Win: James Stein (1)

Poutine Machine 0-3 What The Puck Final
Poutine Machine:
What The Puck: Mike Dudolevitch (1), Justin Michaliga x 2 (2)
Goalie Win: Jordan Gerow (1)

Gremlins 7-0 Dark Rainbows Final
Gremlins: Iannis Tourlakis (1), Ryan Mills (1), Erich Graham x 4 (4), Maire Lane (1)
Dark Rainbows:
Goalie Win: Jamie Batuwantudawe (1)

Gut Rot 3-2 Tompkins Square Riots Final(SO) 
Gut Rot: Michael Gilligan (1), Scott Kollar (1)
Tompkins Square Riots: Christina Rohe (1), David Frost (1)
Shootout: Winner by Liza Watts
Goalie Win: Matt Newman (via Free Agent)


Don’t miss out on a great 2017 photo op!


Get ready to kick-off the 2017 BTSH season. Please join us for food, drinks and good times during the opening season party!

When: Friday, March 24th

Time: 6:30pm – ???

Where: Hifi Bar, 169 Ave. A, New York, NY 10009

Who: Current and former BTSH players, friends and family

Drinks: $3  Bud, Bud Light and Miller Lite bottles all night long + one free drink ticket/person (must arrive before 8pm)

Food: See photo above….



Teams have been drawn and the 2017 schedule is complete.


The 2017 BTSH schedule is complete! Check it out by clicking here. Good luck to everyone this season!


For those of you that are interested, here are some of the features of the schedule.


– Every team plays 9 home and 9 away games.
– Every team plays exactly 3 or 4 times in each of the five time slots.
– No team has the same time slot more than twice in a row.
– Every team plays on each court side 8-10 times, with 16 of the 20 teams having a perfect 9-9 split.
– No team has the same court side more than 3 times in a row and rarely more than 2.
– No team ever plays against the same division twice in a row, with the exception of weeks 8-9, which are back-to-back divisional match-ups.


– We used to have one rivalry week but now every single week is “themed”, which makes the schedule much more fair and fun to write/talk about.
– 10 “divisional” weeks:  8 games of teams playing against their own division, and 2 games of teams playing against the other division in their conference.
– 3 “conference” weeks:  D1 teams play D2 teams, D3 plays D4.
– 3 “upset” weeks:  D1 plays D3, D2 plays D4.
– 2 “rare meeting”  weeks: D1 plays D4, D2 plays D3.
– Each week type is spread out to balance game strengths.
– If a day gets canceled and not made up, each team in a division loses the same type of game.