There was once a girl who wore a white skirt and wasn’t Ali from the Pounds.  This was back in the Platinum Media years, when Rich used to be a dick*, no one really knew people on the Pounds, except Tim B, Ali, and that curly-haired man, and all the league members honored the line of, “yeah, I’m not sure when I’m going to post this article, but someday I’ll get to it–don’t worry–just write ahead of your time and you won’t have to worry about when it gets published.”  

Well, Liz Boylan did none of that and spewed out some 2015 BTSH pop culture, so some of these references are old… Thanks, Liz…

* He still is a dick, but used to be one, too  

Hometown: Staten Island till I was 8 (Diane loves me a little bit more because I was born there) Toms River, NJ after that.

College: Brookdale Community College

Profession: Interventional Radiologic Technologist

Favorite BTSH team other than the Elves: Def not the Elves, my LBS of course duh.

The Pounds at least get one thing right: Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Pounds at least get one thing right: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Favorite memory this year at Ocean City excluding everything except the time you were locked outside of your hotel room and lost your stuff in a car OR when you were picked up by the Nuclears’ lead guitarist and a bunch of strangers telling you to get into the van: Favorite Ocean City moment- Lime Walker Band, I was an original audience member so I got to see them from the beginning of their career, and of course making it to the finals with the Twin Dekes, or Twin Dicks we had two names.

Favorite NHL team: Rangers

This is Liz and her cat, who is curiously observing the selfie phenomenon.

This is Liz and her cat, who is curiously observing the selfie phenomenon.

Where does the name Pounds, Inc. come from? Was the founder of the team British? (please explain): The LBS are a legacy that extends back to the beginning of the league, Sascha (number 1) and Ali were there from the start. The team Sascha (number 1) was on with some of my fellow LBS was originally called The Plague. Eventually they decided they wanted to change the name. Ken and Karsten loved some skit from the Jerkey boys in which the word “pounds” was somehow a key phrase. There was a vote, hardly anyone was present for the vote and pounds won.

If Tim Brown stooped to your level, what would he say: LIIIIIIZZZZZEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite NYC bar:
Bailey’s Corner a dive bar near my apartment that I just love.

If you had one of the Pounds polo jerseys, would you pop the collar in the Ocean City bound rape van:
Just because I am from Jersey does not mean I would pop my collar, and Mike roofied all the girls in the back of the van so I do not remember the ride to or from Ocean City.

Jeez, this van really gets around BTSH...

Jeez, this van really gets around BTSH…

If you had the opportunity to drink and hang out with me for one night in Clinton Hill near a bunch of old castle-like houses, what would you do?  I would definitely wear better climbing shoes; bring a grappling hook or a ladder so we could climb into the 2nd story windows. Since I mean hypothetically they probably would not have any screens and we could sneak in through them. Oh and also bring the drinks around back with us.

What the BTSH media will begin to overhype you about: That I am a social LBS.

Why do you hate Rich Glanzer so much: Rich Glanzer has a face that just makes you wanna punch it, plus he’s a dick. Although at a party last week we both simultaneously yelled at this guy that was trying to interrupt our conversation. The guy left confused and scared while we laughed hysterically. Rich then proposed to me and has already started planning the wedding. So I guess I will be spending the rest of my life hating him, although I could always stand in front of the M79.


If you walked through Tompkins Square Park at midnight on a Tuesday night, which teammate (Tommy C, Tim Brown, Ali the girl, Curly Haired Man, The Hair, or Tim Brown again) would you see drinking a Colt 45 waiting for the bathrooms to open: Both Tim Browns

Ace or Double Wide: Ace, so many good memories already, plus Double Wide banned Camden and how can anyone in their right minds ban that cute little pup…I mean come on.

Mets or Stankees: I am a who I’m with fan, so I guess Mets since Rich and I are engaged…gross.

If the Pounds made it to the BTSH Championship, what team would you want to play: Most definitely Filthier, I want one more shot at them before Ben and Jenna peace out.

Nobody likes this question, but it’s the best one. If Sigmund Freud analyzed your game play, what would he conclude:
Upon evaluating the young lady playing for the very talented LBS, I have come to many conclusions about her behavior. While on the court Elizabeth expressed a great deal of aggression and has quite a competitive nature. Her ID seems to operate extremely high during the physical stress of the game, and her rational self ego is not around to tell her perhaps it is not a good idea to run a million miles an hour into another person as she was warned by Jenna Cruff. Cruff then forced her to sit because of continual said aggression.


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