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By Mario, Luigi, and Wario

Instead of complimenting each team in this week’s previews we’ll be saying which pizza they are and why- and maybe some hockey stuff at the end or whatever. We apologize if this is too.. cheesy for you.

Filthier v Butchers

Filthier is a classic cheese pizza. Consistently delicious, often overlooked for no apparent reason, and when compared against more expensive or elaborate pies, is often the one you’d prefer to have. 

The Butchers are a buffalo chicken pizza. Between RG1 and Cheeky, there is more than enough sass to make this team one of the spicier ones in the league.

Prediction: In the end, the classic pie beats the heat. Cheese 5, Buff Chix 2.

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Before Cat B was handed her walking papers by Glanzer, this is one of the last articles she worked on. We hope you enjoy it.

By Cat B and Jess D

Is BTSH a hockey league with a drinking problem or a drinking league with a hockey problem? Old school or new school? Hot dog or sandwich?

Just for a moment, let’s put our differences aside, and focus on what really matters: hair.

BTSH Media is back baby with top notch investigative journalism* getting to the bottom of the timeless hockey question of who has the best flow.

*running around at the courts making various people pose for portrait mode photos

A BTSH rock n roll classic, here we have Mike D. His 80’s locks can be spotted from just about anywhere on the court and not just because he wears a bright orange jersey. When asked how he brushes his hair, he replied “What’s a brush?”


Rock on, man.

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By Richiehero

Not Third Star

Gouging Anklebiters

Underdogs no more.

Welcome to the League of Assholes, gentlemen. While most of our league filled with you dullards will root and cheer for the underdog Anklebiters, just realize they beat Fuzz, the Rehabs, Fresh Kills and even Instant Karma, who no doubt used ringers from all those teams as they often do. Their only two losses are in OT/SO. In other words, much like the slime over at Cobra Kai, you’re not fooling me. You guys are not Cinderella even if Schuey dresses like her on Tuesday nights.

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By Richiehero

Third Star

Roberts from LBS, Inc.

Here’s some inside media baseball. 

There were two good suggestions, and a plethora of terrible suggestions. Here are some of the plethora for third star.

Kate for scoring a shootout goal from Filthier. Kate is great…but this is why we fired Cat.

SBJ for shadowing and reffing for the first time. He’s still yet to make his first call.Steve for shutting out Mega on zero shots. Hell, Alexa made a good pass lets give it to her!

No. Yes Roberts got a star last week but he scored the GWG this week when hardly anyone else did anything. Plus he can deadlift more than you (unless you’re Hicks and 2015 Richie)

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Biters put the league on notice with their win over the Rehabs.

The Ladies of Karma propelled them to a win over Mega Touch.

Fuzz won the Money In The Bank match against Math.

The Riots nearly pulled off the upset against Poutine.

The Demons righted the ship against the Sky Fighters.

Goalie Becca strapped on the league pads for her Gut Rot and only gave up two goalies, however, Jamie gave up zero for his Gremlins.

Fresh Kills found their mojo at the expense of the Hookers.

LBS needed the late heroics from hungry man Roberts to snatch the W from the Butchers.

Filthier got revenge on Cobra Kai by taking them out in an LOL shootout.

The Pucks and Rainbows played the most entertaining game of the day that featured several lead changes and a crazy shootout with the Pucks taking the two points.