The Dark Rainbows earned their first W (circa 2016) by shutting out the Riots during a make up game. Cat was all high-fives and hugs on the sidelines.

Fresh Kills made sure their game against Poutine was decided in regulation and took home the two points.

New look Sky Fighters are starting to come together and had fun handing the Riots their second loss of the day.

Fuzz thwarted the Rainbows, but they didn’t care. That high from winning will last a loooooong time.

In a battle between The Amenables Math upended Mega Touch in a friendly game of ‘No please, after You.’

Gut Rot upset the Hookers and temporarily made things in our universe seem alright, alright, alright.

That’s what I like about those Gut Rot girls. I keep getting older and they stay fine as hell.

The Salt Bros and Gremlins went to work against the Butchers and Jamie frustrated them all-game-long.

The Rehabs and Demons played one of the more exciting games of the day with the Habs prevailing in OT.

LBS handed Cobra Kai their first loss of the season with Arya delivering during the shootout. Damn gurl.

Karma’s Creeden scored a goal, however, Filthier scored a couple more. Boo.

Biters promoted Hockey Beach while swatting aside the Pucks. Having said that though, Shotgun Charlotte was adamant that they lost. So, who knows.

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