Tompkins Square Park on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

During the LBS win over the Riots, Avery stole the ball from one of his own teammates (Ass).  In unrelated news Alex F did not deliver the Seis de Mayo we were promised.  He is shunned.

The Biters handed Karma their first regulation loss of the season by connecting with Sarah x2 backdoor.  Also, Probe is really good at street hockey.

The Gremlins came back from a three goal deficit in the second half to force OT and then scored 6 seconds in.  Damn.

The Demons jumped out to an early two goal lead, but still managed to lose by 4.  Sweethearts, my ass.

Gut Rot did not shock the league, but they did manage to make Filthier look classless.  Get well, Kellie!

Despite a dog getting lose and joining the Rainbows rush at Burke, the Butchers managed to regain control and grab the win.  Happy birthday Brett and Cat!

Cobra Kai and Math played the most exciting game of the day with the evil dojo collecting another win.  Sigh.

The Hookers and Poutine both pussed out and canceled their game due to . . . clouds?  Those BTSHers that were at the courts took advantage of the opportunity to play an awesome scrimmage!  Scrimmage notes: Walker never came off and Rich survived Cat poisoning him with a cupcake.

The Mega Touch and Fresh Kills game went as predicted.  From what we are told, Gabe gave some effort.

Joey Bats and his Rehabs went H.A.M. on the Pucks.  Eh, it happens sometimes.

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