The Gouging Anklebiters supposedly swatted aside a pesky Poutine team by a margin of 2 or 3 or who knows what it is by now as the legend keeps growing.

Before the Demons and LBS squared off, David R of the Demons proposed to Sammy at mid rink and she said, ‘Maybe.’ Then the LBS ground out a tough win against an old foe.

Butchers and Sky Fighters played a game. Pretty sure they did. Not sure about the outcome of that though. Little help? Help received! Butchers won by a single goal.

Hookers versus Gremlins was arguably the most enjoyable game of the day with the Hookers winners in the end. Cro celebrated by dropping a glass bottle on the sidelines and then walking away.

The Demons cleaned up the remains of said bottle and also Cro’s crack pipe.

Sena used her schnoz to block a shot from the Rainbows while Hicks and C-Stew got the W for the Rehabs. Sena, remember, no blowing for a couple days.

Fresh Kills returned to form against Gut Rot by steamrolling them.

Instant Karma discovered their offense against a depleted Math team.

The Provider provided for Cobra Kai as the evil dojo prevailed over the plucky Pucks.

Fuzz played a defensively sound game that earned Timmy Baby a clean sheet. But my dudes, that Riots squad has got some game in them.

Filthier bested Mega Touch despite a sweeeeet Annimal goal disallowed by the refs.

We’re off for two weeks. Enjoy Memorial Day!

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