Around the League – Week 2

Since the Rainbows couldn’t’ keep up with the Hookers, they relived their defeat on Brett’s roof then unenthusiastically dined on kale and fruit as punishment.

Math and WTP scored for the first time this season with Math collecting the W.

Sky Fighters got their act together in a hurry against Gut Rot. Take that, universe.

The Anklebiters train kept right on rolling and right over the Riots. Boooooo.

Cobra Kai and Rehabs played the Game of the Season so far (yeah, it was that good) and the evil dojo earned the V.

Denim Demons gave Fresh Kills a good scare, but will have to wait another week for a shot at their first win.

Poutine Machine defeated the Butchers in a rematch of last year’s playoff upset. John C’s fan club was in attendance.

Filthier narrowly defeated a well-balanced Gremlins team. Walker was -2.

Tuckman and Mega Touch threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Fuzz except shots. We hope Tuckman found a cab.

For the first time in franchise history Instant Karma defeated LBS. In Hubris News Daily, Alex will probably be visited by his teammates with bars of soap in pillowcases.

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